Li Li - Dragon Push & Carry by Ionstorm

Li Li - Dragon Push & Carry

By: Ionstorm
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2015
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Li Li

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How to Play Li Li Top

This is a very short but sweet guide.

Basically early on, you should dragon yourself and push enemy heroes in your lane with your "E" - Blinding Wind. Your dragon and Auto Attacks do all the damage.

You should Q Spam only when you really need to. Until you build up globe Mana Regen you're mainly keeping shield and winds up.

You can pretty much 2v1 all day long, and deal more damage than the enemies, whilst mostly outhealing their damage.

When possible, smart mana use with using Dragons to heal instead of Q. Obviously shrine as often as you need to to keep mana high.

It's important you gain as mana globes as possible to aim for 4 mana a sec for last push.

Use jug of 1000 cups when under moderate attack, esp when a hero drops below 50%. You can nearly always escape any form of dmg provided you keep the dragon up on yourself and spam Q.

As soon as you get the double dragon (80's fans will love that). Spam it on the most dps'd target who is always the closest to the action.

1v1 you can easily destroy most DPS carries. Just be careful of chain stuns.

Provided there's 2 of you though your Dragons will do enough damage to melt down most heroes in seconds.

Try and time your "E"'s with the "W's" when you have the ability.

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