LiLi - Catch Me If You Can! by elzi

LiLi - Catch Me If You Can!

By: elzi
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Catch Me If You Can

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General Playstyle Top

I've been running this build for awhile now and love it. It works amazingly well if you 2-man queue with a friend that plays a hero that can get out damage while retreating, and can quickly drop creep packs. While this build does not have as strong as healing as others, it is amazing for baiting. You can go in really far and get away unscathed because basic attack miss + block + fast feed + stun remove. I'm ALMOST positive that the HoT on The Good Stuff will trigger Herbal Cleanse, so I pick that over Shake It Off.

Early Game

Keep map awareness on creep waves and run around getting as many regen orbs as possible. If you're with a friend that can wipe out packs quick (Jaina, T***ador, etc) have them roll with you. Goal is to have at least +4 or +5 mps by level 16, so thats 20 orbs.

Level 10

If you have a AoE support on your team like Malfurion or even Rehgar, pick up Water Dragon instead. It can make some great plays offensively and defensively.

Late Game

Literally all you do is spam Q/E and bait people. Since these abilities dont require targeting, just constantly mash em and focus on positioning. Unless your positioning is bad you'll become nearly impossible to kill, since you:

* Essentially can't be CC'd
* Have a near-constant uptime on movement speed when you're taking damage
* Never run out of mana


Try running with this with a friend that plays Abathur. Aba damage is amazing provided the host he is on stays in range for Stab and dips into close often enough for Spoke Burst. In that case, definitely pick up Water Dragon and swap Healing Ward for Mending Serpent, make sure Abathur picks up abilities that compliment you (Heal on AoE dmg, Shield movement speed, +attack speed)

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