Lili Fighting Heals MISTWEAVER by XenoByte

Lili Fighting Heals MISTWEAVER

By: XenoByte
Last Updated: Jul 23, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Mistweaver

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About the Build Top

Yo ! Wanna be a pain in the ***?? Here is the deal.
Basically, you will be preventing damage by hitting hard with Blinding Wind and healing like a robot.
Mana will be an issue only in early game. On mid and late game, as long you have a team with brains -meaning, smart enough to know when to disengage-, you wont be running out of Mana.

I strongly recommend you to lead the party, cause ain't no party without Lili

Sinergy #1 Top

Tier 1: Gale Force + Tier 2: Mass Vortex

Blinding Wind needs to be used with timing, 'cause it saves lives as long you are alternating it with the heals. If you see a *****torm of basic attacks coming at someone, you deploy your E. At level 4, you will be able to shoot 4 hard green hurricanes. Remember, if there are minions, as long the enemy heroes are in range, they will prioritize heroes, preventing damage. It is gold

Sinergy #2 Top

Tier #3: The Good Stuff + Tier #6: Two For One

The good Stuff will provide you a tinny little additional heal, which won't make a real difference until you get level 16 and take Two For One. You will be tripling your constant Q spamming, cause you will be providing healing over time constantly. Getting a cooldown of 4.5 instead of 3 secs it is a gift. Think about it, in 9 seconds, you will be healing 1 more team mate plus healing over time. Totally worth it.

Shrink Ray Top

Come on, tell me, how does it feel to shrink Illidan, Zeratul, Kerrigan, or whatnot, and watch him implode.

Never use this against a Tank. Only DPS, prioritizing Melee and fleeing targets. This could be game-ender with proper focus, that's why I strongly recommend you to lead the battle. Use it wisely, dear Pandawan

Ultimate Heroic Sinergy <<<<<Jug of 1.000.0000.0000.00.0.00000.0000 cups>>>>> Top

Tier #4: Jug of 1.000 cups + Tier #8: Jug of 1.000.000 cups

This is what Lili is all about. Before the latest patch, if someone stared at you long enough, your heroic was interrupted. Now, this has become a viable heroic healing ability, 'cause there is no more knockback interrupting. You need to stay focused on the enemies with stuns, and their cooldowns. Of course, you have to be an experienced player to know this; you need to know who does what and their cooldowns, know distances, and stay strategically positioned as far as possible of possible threats like Muradin, Raynor (with the stun talent), ETC, Tyrael, and other.

Always check in-game talent enemy choices. KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

Give it try and some feedback.

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