Lili's Double D's (Hybrid DMG&Healing build) by Toiletrollz

Lili's Double D's (Hybrid DMG&Healing build)

By: Toiletrollz
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Dragons and Jugs Baby~<3

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Threats to Li Li with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Brightwing Hex.
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Stitches Dodge the hooks and avoid being eaten. Especially while channeling your ultimate.
Zeratul Another unavoidable confrontation. Dont be caught alone, have your [[Blinding Wind]] ready.
  No Threat
Nova Little to no chance if you are caught isolated by Nova. You will get the snipe wombo combo.
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Basic Stats and Lore Background Top

Li Li is one of, if not the EASIEST support characters to pick up as a beginner player. She focuses on spamming heals but can also sustain damage and slow enemies constantly, We will focus on being an all-round lane-bully and backline team fight healer. This build will also be viable for Hero League.

Health 835 (+135) | HP Regen 1.738 (+0.281) | Mana 500 (+10) | Mana Regen 3.00 (+0.100)
Attack Speed 1.25 (per second) | Damage 25 (+6)

Introduction to Abilities Top

Li Li is often focused down in all teamfights, she has a very low number on her health bar so positioning yourself will keep you from being the first to die. (Atleast before you dish out all the support you can give to your team) Try and be behind the tanky teammates at all times and not in the frontline of group fights. She is able to play a little bit more aggressively in laning and 2-3 people fights due to her passive skill Fast Feet speed buff upon taking damage.

Her Healing Brew and Blinding Wind auto target players as well as minions and pets, so this can sometimes be unreliable when focusing to aid or target a specific player. She has one of the best support ultimate skills Jug of 1,000 Cups offering a tons of healing power.

This build specializes in letting Li Li use her skills with the least amount of downtime. One of the main problems I came across was, I was unable to cast any other skills while channeling Jug of 1,000 Cups for a whole 6 seconds! So how do we get around this problemo? In comes the Cloud Serpent focused build.

Tips on Playstyle Top

Early Game and Laning

Duo or solo laning is both great with this build, harass and push the lane while waiting for ganks fromm your jungler or other teammates. If you are alone dont linger in the bushes, early ganks from 3-5 players happens frequently and you will be targeted first so unless your with your team, play it safe rather.

Keep your self around 70%-80% hp with your Healing Brew , and do not over commit and take too much damage early as you may end up burning more mana than needed, wait till level 4 for the Mending Serpent , having it up for the duration lets you harass more while constantly healing and using less mana as well as less Healing Brew. If your good for mana, feel free to harass with Blinding Wind especially if the enemy is an auto attack or melee champion.

If you have a team mate in lane, your going to support them by harassing the enemy for damage as soon as they come close to the creep waves. Cloud Serpent will be cast on your team mate generally if they are aggressive but if not keep casting it on yourself and moving in and out for the poke and harassment.


I always place map objectives as top priority and you always want to be aiding your team in capturing those objectives, rather than sitting in lane and trying to do a ton of siege damage or farming creeps. (Regardless of her amazing pushing power with Lightning Serpent when you hit tier 3 skill tree.)

Team Fights and Positioning

Positioning is probebly the one thing you will struggle to master at first, make use of bushes to break enemies vision of you if they are focusing you too hard. Place yourself behind your frontline but not too far back, because your Fast Feet will let you move in and out and possibly even bait enemies to think you are an easy kill.

Now lets get into the bulk of this build and its reasoning in team fights. You want to make sure to keep Cloud Serpent up at ALL times, casting it either on your teams assassin if they are taking damage or playing aggressive, if they are not then cast it on your initiator who will most likely be a nice fatty tank to help them soak up damage and because they are close enough for the Cloud Serpent to hit all the enemies. So taking Timeless Creature at the start of the game will make sure that the serpent will be up the entire duration of its cooldown time, that way we can have it up almost 100% of the time.

Keep up the normal healing spam with Healing Brew to make sure your teammates are above 50% health.

Blinding Wind is a great skill but here are the draw backs, it does NOT let you pick a target and you are generally in a safe position in a fight, this means that most of the time it is going to be cast on the enemies tanks which honestly is NOT ideal in the least, you want it to be hitting the auto attack champions since it does not affect abilities, This is the first reason I dont put extra points into it.

When your team gets to around 30%-40% hp go ahead and hit that ultimate skill Jug of 1,000 Cups BUT, make sure you have cast your Cloud Serpent first so that it is up for the full duration of your ultimate.
This is the second core part of the build, this heal skill lasts for a massive 6 seconds and you cannot cast any other skills while using it, so all those extra buffs that could have been placed on Healing Brew and Blinding Wind become useless for 6 seconds, that is a lot of time to be wasting. But hey guess what, those Cloud Serpents are giving bonus damage and heals to your team while your channeling, how awesome is that!?

We want to time your ultimate around 30%-40% of your teams life is that anything lower, may cause your team mates to run and stop engaging. Causing mass confusion when half the team want to escape and half want to fight.

Feedback Wanted Top

I have tried this build many many times in ranked play with a very good success rate, but I am always looking for new and fun builds. Overall, Li Li can be great with a number of different builds. Her potential for team fight compositions are limitless and she can be effective on any of the maps and game modes.

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