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Linked Best Support Eu guide to brightwing

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Last Updated: Sep 4, 2014
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Build: Brighwing The OP Healer

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Uther Team compositions with lots of Aoe stuns/damage will destroy Brighwing since he needs to jump into melee range to heal teammates

Introduction Top

Hi Evryone My name is Linked and I play Supports/Specialists
for Team Quality Gaming one of the top teams in Europe.

A little more about me:
Before starting to play Heroes of the Storm competitively I played League of Legends competitively for many high Diamond/challanger teams as a Mid laner winning quite a few tournaments. So switching to heroes of the Storm was quite easy since the machenics in both games are pretty similar.
If you would like to watch me play and learn a thing or two you can check out my

Brighwing the OP dragon: Top

Brightwing is currently one of the best healers in the game rivaled only by Uther.
He has one of the best mount abilities in the game(Teleport to an ally), a polymorph making enemy's unable to attack or cast spells while having it cast on them and a movement speed/block attack buff,and of course one of the strongest pasives.

Pro's and Con's Top


-Highest healing in game
-Global Teleport
-High mobility with blink heal
-Super cute
-bribe talent


-no stuns
-pretty easy to gank before 10
-Weak vs a Aoe nuke team

Talent's and Alternatives Top

Tier 1:


Almost always take this talent since most of the game you will be on a lane just farming/pushing the wave and when you get 40 stacks on this tallent you can do the ogres in 2 seconds, rly Op talent for competetive or even soloQ games.
Pro tip: If you have felstad in your team and you both have 40 stacks on bribe you and him can fly/teleport to a knight camp and just bribe it.
Shield Dust lets you block and extra attack which is quite good in teamfights.
other tallents in this tree are pretty bad so don't take them.

Tier 2:

protective shield

Gives you a extra Hp shield that saves you or your allies when in a pinch
really good talent since this will save lives.

envenom:pretty good talent early game for securing kills when enemy's are low but scales pretty bad so shield is still 10 times better.
anti-magic powder:shield is a better version of this

Tier 3:

Regenerative rains

This is the talent that makes brightwing one of the sickest healers in game it lets out a pasive heal everytime you use a spell which means 3x pasiveheal if you spam all your spells which is sick.Also when you take the Rewind talent you can get out 6 pasives thats some Op stuff right there :D

a pretty good talents if the enemy has tyriel since you can clense his ult when he uses it,but imo regenerative rains>evrything

Tier 4(Ultimate):

Blink Heal

Dash+Heal on 1 spell rly Blizzard now thats some good stuff right there ohh and did I mention it has 2 charges with a 8 second cooldown.This spell makes Brightwing rly hard to kill since you can dash to allied heroes or minions.Also you can position really well in a teamfight since you can dash to anyone.
Only dowside of this ultimate is if the enemy team has a hard Aoe team then dashing to an ally to heal them will most likely mean the death of you.

Other Ultimate:Emerald wind
Don't use it its pretty bad just stich with blink heal since its OP.

Tier 5:


Lets you spam more spells meaning more pasive heals from regenerative rains,also 2 polymorphs and 2 pixie dusts are better then 1.

Altarnetives: Other spells in this talent tree are pretty ok aswell but not as good as rewind so no point in taking anything else.

Tier 6:

Hardend focus

Most of the time u will be above 80% if you know how to position correctly so 50% cooldown is op since you can spam more spells for more heals.

Altanetives: Critterize
Lets you and your ally's deal more damage to the polymorpht target a really good talent if you have someone like Stiches who can hook them eat them and sprint away after that you poly them and istakill them.

Tier 7:

Storm shield

20% max hp shield for 3 seconds is alot in late game and will make your team so much tankier.Only downside is that it is a very short ranged spell so you will need to be next to you allies and it only lasts 3 seconds so use it when the fight is already taking place.

Altarnetives:Ysera's blessing
gives you another charge but meh storm shield much better

Playstyle Top

Early game

Just try to get a solo lane and farm/leach exp from the minions getting bribe stacks for camps later in the game.
If you allies fight and you think you can save someone while getting a kill or 2 then teleport to them to help them out since your mount is a global teleport after that just run back to your lane or even better ask a teammate to go since you dont have a mount making you get to your lane alot slower which might make u lose a few minions,then when you get back just ask them to go roam again.
and if you have 2x bribe stacks just go to the your or enemys ogres and steal them but ask an ally to scout for you if you are going to take the enemys ogres since you are venerable to ganks

Mid game

Now you start roaming more with the team but you should still try to farm lanes since its free exp+bribe stacks and you can port to them in 2 seconds.

In teamfights your job is to keep your team alive by healing them with basic spells(regenerative rains talent),protective shield and ultimates,if the enemy team has some kind of stun/wombo combo always try to dodge it with the other charge of the ultimate or by moving away from it and then going to the ally to heal them. The most important thing is not to get cought by aoe spells since brightwing is very squishy.

I also try to get my polymorph on targets that do most damage in teamfights or to try to interupt a channeling spell that they are casting(valla,nazeebo ultimates),you can also just use it if someone has a dash and could run away with it making them unable to use it.

Late Game

pretty much the same thing as middle game only diffrance is that you stick with your team more.

Conclusion Top

Thanks for making it through the entirety of my guide. I hope it helped anyone who's trying to pick up Brightwing and I hope you will have as much fun with him as I did.
If you have any questions comment below and il try to anwser them as soon as I can.

Also check out my stream:

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