Live long and prosper by Plavojed

Live long and prosper

By: Plavojed
Last Updated: May 22, 2016
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Build: AA competitive

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Threats to Falstad with this build

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Murky Hard to lane against. He is not a real threat to your life but would clear waves faster and put some pressure on the towers.
Azmodan Would clear waves more and bully your towers if you are lanning solo against Azmodan.
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Chromie patch Falstad revamp Top

The Auto Attack build got some power in this patch.I have played the mage build with boomerang as a default build but after the patch its seems like it has lost some power and I would recommend this build for solo queue.

This build offers you endurance and hight dmg output but as well you can adjust the build depending on the opposite team.

Quick talent review Top

The quest reward on Seasoned Marksman talent can be game changer on the late game when that burst can make a difference.
I wouldnt pick the Gathering Storm as it can be hard to stack up in some games, and it takes the fun out if you are just focusing on having the Q on cd can get you in a pickle.

With hammer gains talent you pick up on lvl 3 you get more endurance in team fights, and power to bring down even the most annoying enemy's like Ilidan or Greyman.
Now static shield and updraft dont give the consistency that hammer gains provide.

Secret weapon is a must for AA build as it will boost your basic attack dmg that the build is based on.

Now for your ult, I would go Hinterland blast most of the times as the Gust will save your team but wont win you that teamfight. Note that the CD on this ult is long.
Pick Might Gust if you feel you need that escape button for the whole team.

On lvl 20 you become a beast with Nexus frenzy , this talent gives that edge you need to Live Long and Prosper!!

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