Lllidean new players by Sivty

Lllidean new players

By: Sivty
Last Updated: Aug 31, 2015
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Build: Easy build

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Threats to Illidan with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Valla She relied on her auto , haveing the build I showed you, she shouldn't be a problem.
The Lost Vikings You can feed from one or two of the Vikings.
Gazlowe He can't do much but run ...
Jaina She's not much of a threat, once you are on her she can't run .
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Abathur Only reason why I put him as a threat LV. Of 6 is because u can't kill something that is not there, aba.can hat on creeps and not have to worry about getting killed. And he can easily dominated the lanes by himself.. So you have to watch out for him
Sgt. Hammer Okay , now we know that she is capable of doing allot of dange, if you can or are able to get near her she shouldn't be a problem but getting next to her is the main challenge.
Leoric Don't go for him you're wasting your time
Diablo Hes very difficult to kill with the large amount of health pool and stuns making him a good CC as well llildean can't go 1v1. With him.
Tyrael He can ult you and people will fallow him so be careful
Falstad He can easily escape you or simply just own you with his range . Be careful
Johanna She's a hard one , you have to be careful in team fight , she is capable of destroying lllidean like nothing because of her pull blind and unstoppable,so if you think you can go and kill her cause you have giant killer , well you are mistaking . She have many way to stay alive. ... So again watch out for her
  No Threat

This build is fouce on team fight... Top

Lllidean, as we all know him for the damage and an easy hero to escape from sticky situations. There is many ways you can play him, I personally like to play him as a front line, meleen dps. He is able to leap in and stay on the targets for a very long time, this can help u in the team fight, the enemies will fouce on lllidean while your team come in a clean up the mess. In the beginning of the game don't try to be brave just stay in the lane a play safe know your limits, but mainly fouce on getting ExP. As you progress you can start to hunt. That should be at 7-8min.


Beginning. (0-6min.)

Around that time you should not be trying to get a kills or getinng killed, you have to stay in lane even if your team needs you in the team fight just soak up and wait for the right moment to attack. Getting 1or2kills is nothing as staying on lane and soaking up the exp , your team will thank u later.


Middle (6-15mins.)
Now you are able to go out and hunt or gank people, you have a good serviceability and a very good escape 2,3 skills. get your stone skin,this will make you even more difficult to kill. Just know who you are going for and never aim for the tank .


Late game (15-25mins)
You should of won by now .... And if not well u might have to play differently next like depends on what map and your team. And it never hurts to try to thing like different build .. ects.

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