Long Range by Kongolo

Long Range

By: Kongolo
Last Updated: May 16, 2015
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Build: Baneling Barrage build

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My youtube vidoe for Zagara Baneling Barrage build:

Talent build:
1- Centrifugal Hooks: long rang baneling can give excellent advantage of heavy damage from save distance.

2- Envenomed Spines: longer range basic attacks with small DoT effect, more distance from the target is always welcomed.

3- Volatile Acid: more damage against minions, mercenaries and buildings, YES PLEASE.

4- Devouring Maw: to take care of the healers or the tanks of the enemy team.. or good for run away!

5- Grooved Spines: gives more range and more damage for the Hunter killer, a nice spike damage for sure.

6- Baneling Massacre: this upgrade with the other 2 upgrades, will make your baneling REALLY effective against anything!

7- At this point you can chose any of the 3 options, personally i take Tyrant Maw, for the lower cool down.

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