Lunara Horror by OPness

Lunara Horror

By: OPness
Last Updated: Feb 12, 2016
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Build: Top damage every game.

Level 1
Level 4
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Highest and safest sustained dps Top

The goals of this build are to hit and run.

Level 1 talent is anything you want. Level 4 is anything you want. All are great.

You're faster than everyone, dodge everything, keep distance, spam q to get your extra distance triple shot auto off. Hit w. Repeat this multiple times. Their dmg dealers will melt. Front line is a struggle but triple shot prioritizes heroes so it'll probably hit some other important targets.

As a 13 talent you can also get spellshield or giant killer. Giant killer works decently well with the triple shot too.

If your front line rolls over the enemy team, youre probably going to win, you can also probably get attack speed at 16 to try to finish off people and chase some 1v1s.

If you are being steamrolled try to stay in the back and position so that your vine ult hits backline. Under best circumstances you'll zone the backline while retreating and get a turn kill to turn the fight.

Good luck. Don't die. Highest sustained DPS. Enjoy it!

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