See the forest for the trees by Erotiq

See the forest for the trees

By: Erotiq
Last Updated: Dec 16, 2015
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Build: AA Powerhouse

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** Cruel Spores(1) is currently working for me on all bosses AND immortals, making this talent extremely effective at grabbing quick boss kills with this build. I don't know if this is intended, but enjoy it for now. =) **

With all of the talents affecting Noxious Blossom(Q) and Nature's Toxin(trait), it's easy to see why someone might try to create a build focused on nuking or DoTs. The simple fact is these abilities alone won't prop up Lunara's weak base attack speed and damage. By utilizing the build I've laid out above, you will be able to keep a 100% uptime on both the attack speed and attack damage buffs when fighting minions or mercs and give yourself a 6 second burst window when fighting heroes. Additionally, you can use your Q on minions or boss objectives while focusing your AAs on heroes and maintain a near 100% buff uptime. The most helpful tip I've found while using this build is to always try to use your Q on something you aren't directly attacking to effectively pressure two targets simultaneously. This is much easier than trying to micro your toxin applications by swapping targets after each AA...something that becomes very difficult once you gain the 50% attack speed buff. You can further expand on this principle through generous use of your Forest's Wrath ult. Remember to use it often and vary your targets.

Happy Hunting!

EDIT: Changed Giant Killer(13) to Greater Spell Shield(13)

After extensive playtesting, I've decided that Greater Spell Shield is absolutely essential and worth the loss of Giant Killer. I experimented with Siphoning Toxin(7), but found trying to heal up damage with a weak heal was far less effective than not taking the damage in the first place. This is less of an issue in games with a support healer, but a single enemy special attack still puts you at 50% hp or worse. Greater Spell Shield enables Lunara to not only survive ganks, but utilize her 20% move speed bonus to chase down nearly any hero. I managed to get "Hero of the Storm (20 kills / 0 deaths) despite numerous attempts at my life, allowing my team to overcome a very determined enemy. This change absolutely makes Lunara feel like a complete hero, able to handle any situation with ease.

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