Lunara - The love of the Cherry Blossom by Candy324

Lunara - The love of the Cherry Blossom

By: Candy324
Last Updated: May 10, 2016
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Build: The Siege Assassin

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Explaining the pick of talents. Top

Before I start. I would like to introduce myself.

I'm known as Candy. I've played Moba games for a long time, Since 09 I was playing League of Legends. Where I managed to make a name for myself back in season 2. If you know the old pro's of league and kinda interested. here is a video

Anyway. I played heroes of the storm, when it first came out as in. I got an alpha account. But I never really played it, As I was hoarding challenger rank in league of legends in the past. So I didn't have time for other Moba's. And then I began to study, I quit League, where my friends then stated. come just play hots your casual anyway. I played tons of heroes. and I fall in love with Lunara. I already got Master Skin on Lunara. And i'm trying to hit hero lvl 20. here is my most played this season.

and amount of wins as Lunara.

As I had eairlier experience with Moba games I might have advantage, but yes 65 wins 13 loss is my ratio atm.
So how come. My Lunara is this strong? What exactly am I doing. that is just so satisfying and hilariously amazing to play Lunara. This is why i'm here.


To begin with. If you look closely on all talents. None of your talents are actually giving you "damage increase" yes there are some, but they are not major. It is beacause. Lunara's Passive is her main damage dealing ability, and the poisen increases each level. Keep in mind. It thicks 3 times, and can be stacked 3 times as in 9 times, but while stacking it, it will thick 1-2 times. So a total amount of hit required is 4 auto attacks for max poisen a target. Now since that is clear, lets get to the talent choices.

Talent level 1.

There are only 2 good talents here. Cruel Spores and Blossom Swell. People love Cruel Spores. They say it's good for bosses, but I kinda hate it. If you attack a building, a wall, anything else, it does not proc. and it does not work on the 40 guardians for summon Punisher. but Blossom Swell is amazing with 20% increased range. and it can be combined with other talents which i'll get into. with my build your Q will be important.

Talent level 4. This one is up to the individual, i just like it to cost 0 mana, and that I can use it more frequently I use my spirit to look around bushes for avoid getting ganked, and then I bait the canon to shoot it, so I can auto attack Canons even more. So I personally love "Timelost Wisp" Not much to say here.

Talent level 7. This is the most important ability . and this is what makes Lunara Broken. Your poisen hits for 200% More. which means 3 times more. if your poisen did 100 dmg, it would do 300 damage.

Later on your Poisen will thick for around 75 dmg, with this it'll be 225 dps just from your poisen and your auto attacks will be give or take 200'ish so it's close to 450-500 dps. This is one of the games highest DPS for boss hunting. And you wanna know what this talent works for? it works for all buildings, it works for the 40 guardians for punisher, it works for minions they all get 1 shot and are fully poisened.

It even works for immortals, I always ask my team to defend our immortal and let me solo dps ours, because nobody can deal with my dps unless they try to stop me. Anoter hint for immortal is that he does 1 melee attack and then 2 aoe attack, so hug him if he does melee run out, once melee attack has landed. hug him again where you keep auto attack the immortal until he does 2 aoe attacks and then decides to do a melee.

this poisen also works on punisher, the giant 3 spiders that gets summoned. What it doesn't work on are. the Terror Guardian and Dragon knight, because they are player controlled so it counts as PvP. But since those 2 maps are huge and there are a lot of buildings Lunara is stronger than ever. because you are wrecking every building in your path.

Last hint, how to attack with this build?. You do 4 auto attacks as I explained to you. And then you swap building. Use your E. so the canon soaks another hit, for land more auto's it is because, it's your poisen who does the dmg not your auto attacks. so once you have poisened the big town hall, swap to the canon, auto attack it 4 times, then go back to the townhall auto attack it twice, then leave it as y our minions by now should be dead.

the other talents in 7. they are kinda useless. Wild Vigor might be useful, but lunara's strength comes from poisen, so the auto attack dmg is not high. While it could be amazing to deal a great amount of auto attack damage, you should focus on your poisen. Why play Lunara if you are after auto attack damage. there are other heroes for that.

Talent 10. Both Talents are amazing. the thorn is mostly PvE . while the leap is PvP. with the thorns if perfectly executed, you can poisen a whole wave of minions. since your lvl 7 talent is so strong ALL OF ENEMY minions will be poisened to death, except for the 3 melee, who will survive with 1% hp. if you wish you can use your W. if not, you can simple let your own minions finish them off. on the spider map. the 3 spiders also survives with 1% hp. but this talent allows you to poisen buildings and minions from a distance.

Enemy can't fight you, as in they can't push if they do not have minions. your poisen also works goods on mercenaries.

Talent 13 this is situational, where all 4 are good. my favourite one is the one that increases your Q range, while I love the others, there are situations where g reater spell shield saves you. but mainly i love the Q increase because of lvl 16 talent. and how it stacks with lvl 1 talent.

Lvl 16 talent. your q deals double dmg when target is poisened. this works on bosses as well and buildings, your Q has a long range if you used lvl 1 and lvl 13 upgrades as in 20% + 40%. it's longer reach than your ult. and you can pretty much poisen anything. which makes it extremely easy to poisen everything and simple pull.

Level 20 talent. the choice here is between Gallop and forest's wrath. The only thing that is worth mentioning on Forest's wrath is the vision radius by 35%. this is a really really strong trait. and it actually cannoy be compared to anything else. You see anyone before they see you. and your Q has a long range. Imagine the disaster you can be with it. the range is kinda useless because it already g ot a long range, so there are no scenario where its a good thing, and it's speed is meant for pvp, go get leap if you are interested in the pvp talents.

so gallop is the best option here you are faster than anyone.

Now I might get questions like. lol they are bad talents etc. Please try it out, after lvl 7 you will see a huge power spike. keep in mind, the one who destroys minions a.s.a.p and roams, while also destroying buildings are the one with most xp.

I want to see more evidence that it might work or not.

Sure Here you go.

Just keep in mind. A lunara is always strong, regardless of what talents she picks.

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