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Mastering Li Li

By: mij0001
Last Updated: May 9, 2015
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Threat Hero Notes
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Nova Her cloak makes her a danger, especially if she is dedicated and chooses Triple Tap just to camp you
Zeratul A good Zeratul, especially with a level advantage, can kill you extremely quickly
Stitches A well placed Hook and Gorge can make it so that even Li Li can't escape
Tychus If he takes max range and movement talents and plays smart he is almost a hard counter
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- IMHO Li Li is one of the more undervalued characters in the meta right now

- playing Li Li may not be for everyone

To start, its important to think of Li Li by Blizzard's definition which is: positional support. Then you can start to see all the possibilities in her arsenal.

Li Li's only direct heal CANNOT BE directly targeted. This means when you press your key it will always auto select your most wounded ally (or you). Even though you can't directly target an ally for healing with in effect, you can by changing your position relative to your teammates. always prioritizes the lowest health ally within range so you can change your position to control who you need the heal to go to. Worst case scenario for this is everyone but you and one out of position ally is wounded. If they retreat to the team hoping for a life saving heal and you are in back staring at the grass with a low health bar from a previous fight you can needlessly heal yourself instead of your in-need ally. Keep this in mind. The upside of no targeting on your main heal is by following my build and strat you can use your mana regen and main heal to keep your whole team at max health pretty much constantly.

The way to run this build begins by understanding a few things:

- If the team doesn't want to play well and stick together for key objectives you are still going to lose. You have no ability to directly control the outcome of the match as Li Li... unless you always insist on picking the dragon/terror and you shouldn't because then you can't heal, which is the whole point. Always let someone else pick up dragon/terror unless it's just not possible.

- Situational awareness is key. You don't really need to know what's going on across the map in any sort of vivid detail but during team fights you need to be a drunken master. As far as global map awareness goes you need to know when and who to leave to save your allies (hint: it's always Diablo, always leave Diablo, he can handle himself)

- In team fights never let your tank or your main dps go down (read: your Diablo or Valla)

- Never let YOU go down. In fast paced or HL matches there's about to be no team if you go down just inside the enemy gates during a push.

- If you pick , by mid game you should have enough mana regen to keep everyone topped up the majority of the time. This is one of Li Li's big strengths. Your team should never be operating around half health in the jungle like a team with no dedicated support. The way to get this over the top mana regen is to leave your team to play smart, using the Healing Fountain in their lanes for levels 1 to 5 while you cycle through on your mount only engaging the Health Globe dropping minions in each lane. Don't do this to the exclusion of people who actually need to be healed during a gank or something... people will hate you.

- Always signal to your teammates when you are out of mana (OOM). An OOM healer is a useless healer. Use (B) to port home for an OOM situation and don't wait for a full regen. Hit up the Healing Fountain on the way out and finish your regen on the way back to the team fight. Ping your team your destination the second you are mounted and heading back. This should all be done as quickly as possible.

- Lili's ability to escape an engagement is second to none but maybe cloaked heroes. triggers over and over so you can lead a bad team into an easily killable line all through the jungle if they are intent on pursuing you. Use terrain, the grass and allied bodies to block while spamming Q on yourself and you should rarely be apologizing for leaving your team without a healer. A well-played Li Li is almost always the last alive in a team fight of attrition.

- In an emergency your is only really useful on a tank or in conjunction with and to take the pressure off a squishy and near dead dps. Basically, in a team fight always cast on a tank and use your positioning to make sure you heal the correct other allies with .

- Step far away from team fights to micro who you want heals to go to by keeping only your intended target inside your 's ranging circle. This way you can ensure you don't miss a heal in a clutch situation.

- It's very important get some range before using , if at all possible. A good team will stun you out of it which is your greatest vulnerability as Li Li.

- Take this carefully, but do not hesitate to use if you feel it necessary. Cooldowns will come back up.

- You can hold down (Q) to auto-cast . This frees up your hands to micro your positioning, , and .

- After you pick up it's best to start an engagement with and to continue to used group enemies to empower your abilities after the engagement has started.

- There's an argument for picking up instead of at 20 due to the difficulty in getting off a full Jug in high tier HL matches

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