Matje's Valla Auto Attack Guide by Matjeq

Matje's Valla Auto Attack Guide

By: Matjeq
Last Updated: Jun 29, 2015
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Hello I am Matje and I want u to show u my build. I have played pretty many games already with this hero and I hope I can help u out. In the past I played League of Legends(childish community)( I like Vayne in League of Legends so I tried to copy everything from her in )

1 For the first talent u should go for Rancor since it builds up stacks that will increase ur attackspeed. For auto-attack u need attack-speed. So I think its a clear choice.

4: : If u have a healer in your team this one is the best for sure. Also I think its better to take even without a support. U can take later in game and that will match a bit. The only bad thing about this, is that u need stacks. But to be honest its really easy to build up 10 stacks! I rather go for + = Better lifesteal for sure.

7 : the 50% damage extra is great if u want to surprise the opponent. If you and your teammate do a good combo early game u can take out any champ real easily with this talent.

level 10: is my favourite to be fair. I think if u play vs 3 melees(other team not many ranged DPS,AP) u should take this talent for sure. For example when the enemy team has 2 tanks its pretty normal to get atleast 2 people stunned. What I like to do when I want 2+4 enemies stunned is just to run to their front heroes. 2 tanks in this case. For example enemy tanks are and . Let them focus you. Let them jump on u(u will get wounded for sure) Use ur , then u use on the tank just not do die and just E back to ur team to get safe. U took some teamfight damage for your team and they can no engage with Full HP. You will get ur HP back cause of Your team can take over on close range and u can get stacked again in a distance to help them out. talent is important if u want to play like this. So its a R+2+E Combo in this case. I got on 1 and 2 is . I use after the combo since u dont really do auto-attacks when I use R+2+E. + + Its better to use it after on a safe distance when all skills are already used.

Also a really good tactic I use is to wait till the end in a teamfight. For example: many teamfights start at one of the 2 doors inside mines. If u just wait till the last stage of the teamfight and every1 is fighting close range, teleport in. U will see u can stun 3-4 people easily. This works so often for me.

: This one u should use when opponent has many ability power or no tank. In Quick Match it happens often u play vs no tank. U always notice when the opponent play without a tank they are just scared to death so they go in, go back, go in go back. U know what I mean;). I use this skill barely to be honest. If the enemy has a healing support like or its better to take . The will not take the enemy out with the healings of supports like the one I mentioned above.

Any skilled player will prefer for sure.

13: : Yes u need to build up stacks. But its not that hard and ur healings will go faster. especially with the on and with u have already enough healing. The is just a really big plus for u and ur team. Lifesteal is not really important at lvl 1 if u play safe. U can better have manticore to push the enemy down early. The info says u heal faster with vampiric, but the thing is that late game is do so much more dmg that u lifesteal fast anyways. With the it goes so much faster also if im right.

Level 16: Like I mentioned already a few times above. The best talent with this build u can take is Sometimes I go If I want some extra damage and I got a good healer this is a great 2nd skill at this point.

Its just great to get the tank down with the Combo I said R+2+E. You will slow the tank down, so its most of the times a kill for you and your team. I also noticed if ur get ambushed by a Hero like or its a good counter to get them down(if u see using his stealth combo thing and wants to kill u! Just to him use and take him down. Many people try to run, but then they will shot to death by her ult. Stealth champions are hard to play in the beginning with cause she dies so fast. Its always recommended to stay close to a tank or a healer till you know u can solo them.

Level 20: The extra attack speed and attack range is great to shoot in teamfights, get towers down etc. On this stage u can also solopush really good with . To backdoor with u need to be level 13, cause lifesteal is needed to do this safely. U do this with

Also one thing I see are noobs playing bad while they think are playing good. For example they go all-in all the time and they got tons of hero and siege damage, but the fact is everyone can get high damage by stupid play. With Strafe as ult u will get more hero damage for sure!! But does that matter??? NO!!!! Like 50% of that damage is useless since its AOF damage( thats why I think AOF is better for a champ like ) Never rely on stats. Its about true damage u do to really take an opponent out. I mean with this Auto-attack build u will get more direct damage for sure!

+ Much Damage
+ Attack-speed is great
+ Can Stun+ slow down the champs who are in bad positioning. If a DPS makes a bad move, is the one to react fast with her ult.
+ Good poke(you dont have the multishot ****, but still and are good to do some a lot of damage)
+ You still have a great escape with ur If you are getting chased by people. You have the to save you. After u can do the and then u still have ur left. That means 3 things to slow down ur opponent(s)
+ still decent lifesteal


Requires decent positioning
If enemy has much AP or Ranged Power its a bit harder with this build.
- 1 bad move and ur dead(but thats almost with every build)

Your positioning is really important with this build cause u have no extra escapes. I dont really like to point out weaknesses cause its just about how u and your team play. Yes, sometimes u will die cause of your stupid team, but if ur experienced with u know when to agressive or when to back off.

3 good counters of are and , also if he is good and knows how to pull. Tanks are easy to compete since u can use the E thing when he gets close.

How do u play: The most good thing with is if u solo 1v2 u can still hold the lane so easily. The thing with is that u can play agressive or defensive from the start, but it really depends on the team setup of ur team and the opponent. My last game I had a easy lane win. Valla + vs and . We played defensive agressive to be honest:D We didnt come in their melee range, but we still auto attacked them hard. It was an easy lane win.

I hope u agree on some points! my battlenet is Matje#1103. Add me if u want! Have fun!

p.s. I dont add threats since they are opinion based and it depends on how u play. Every champ has (de)-counters

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