Medivh - DPS Solo Queue Guide by sgtbaracus

Medivh - DPS Solo Queue Guide

By: sgtbaracus
Last Updated: Jun 18, 2016
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Build: Full DPS Medivh

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First things firt - PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS.

Tier 1:
- MANA ADEPT - If youre constantly hitting your Arcane Rifts while positioned well youll go low on mana fast. Mana Adept is a perfect pick in a game when you know youre not main target (case in most of the games)

Tier 2 (from highest to lowest priority):
- DUST OF APPEARANCE (optional) - nobrainer vs any stealths.
- BIRD'S EYE VIEW (optional) - if you enjoy SCOUTING and youre playing on a high enough level you know your team can benefit from vision you grant Bird Eye becomes pretty nifty tool, especially with +100% ms later on.
- MAGE ARMOR (optional) - pretty nice tool to abuse vs some fastattack speed heroes.

Tier 3:
- THE MASTER"S TOUCH - 35 stacks sounds high, but actually they aint that hard to gather. Keeping around 20 shouldnt be an issue.

Tier 4:
- POLY BOMB - to counter ETC. Just remember anytime you see ETC coming from the flank and youre grouped to tight teleport out INSTANLY. With tp out -> ult you can often win the game for your team.
When youre facing really good ETC just stay in flightform till he ults. If you can, wait one sec so he gets full CD, not 9sec one - you can do that anytime you want if you have CIRCLE OF PROTECTION talent, keep that in mind!
- LAY LINE SEAL - use to prolong teamfights so you and your teammates can regain short cds. Can be used to initiate/setup teamfights but in general you shouldnt be doing that unless you feel completely comfortable (highrisk/highreward, gives you more control of your team and moro ability to carry them)

Tier 5:
- WINDS OF CELERITY - Mobility at its finest. Way easier to scout and flank opponents.
- QUICKENING (optional) - If you went Mage Armour earlier its pretty decent choice, just keep abusing it. Teleport, Arcane Rift, Teleport back, rince and repeat.

Tier 6:
- REABSORPTION - Pretty decent way to heal vs any heavyhitters (Kael Li Ming and so on).
- ENDURING WILL - Way to go vs raynor, valla, thrall.

- top notch kiting ability, 100% egoistic gameplay (shield on anybody else than yourself lowers your potential survival rate, amright?)
- go stealth 20 if you feel you gonna need some more surv
- for t2 talent you can go either way
- spend loads of time in raven form, go in after inital scouting
- keep in mind that saving anybody might mean losing 35 stacks, you dont wanna do that, right?

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