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OCM's Medivh

By: DefinitelyNotOCM
Last Updated: Dec 30, 2016
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Build: The Guardian

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About OCM:

I'm a 2x Rank 1 and Master+ player specializing in high MMR Assassin & "flex" play, and have played HotS since first wave technical alpha testing. I now stream and youtube more casually.

My guides are like notebooks. I update them progressively based on what I learn and theorycraft. As such, this guide is a culmination of my experience, successes, and feedback.

Twitch: OfClanMurray
Twitter: OCM_Heroes
YouTube: OCM

Medivh is undoubtedly the first hero of his kind. If there has ever been an "undefined" hero, it's him, and this is both an awesome and terrible thing. Medivh brings insane "pseudo" utility to any team he's on, but requires one key thing to work: teamwork. Medivh is by NO means a solo queue hero, save for universally high MMR matches. He requires quick communication, and awareness of both the player and their team. A team that fails to take advantage of Medivh on their team will just as equally fail as a bad individual Medivh player.

With this being said, I really only take one Medivh build a vary it in key ways depending on whom I'm up against. I'll break down this build and the variations in the description below.


Here, we'll break down the number of different ways I use this build, in order of them being featured below.

First up is the foundational "basis" of this build. This build honestly works against any team, any time, any place. What will determine whether or not the build works is really whether or not the team you drafted is able to synergize with a Medivh. This build offers vision, support, damage, mitigation, utility, CC, and wave clear.

The second variation of this build is primarily relevant against heavy melee dive teams. It adjusts a few picks to be "safer" while also aiming to hard counter dive teams with key picks between 10 and 20. Picks like Arcane Charge also allow more "forgiveness" if you happen to get caught out amidst a heavy dive team, and ends up being ultimately less punishing.

The third variation is based on the idea of buffing AP heroes on your team for extra damage and potency. Keep in mind, you don't have a reason for adjusting these talents unless you have heavy damage mages or AP driven kits on your team.

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