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Last Updated: Aug 8, 2018
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My favorite play style is moving along lanes with my minions, taking out towers and forts with them, and focusing on enemy heroes when they try to defend. So heroes that can do a sustained attack from a distance are ideal, especially when they have close up distractions to serve up against the enemy AI. Azmodan is well suited to wrecking havoc along the lanes!

Generally reserve "All Shall Burn" for use against towers, forts, and heroes, in that order, while your minions are distracting fire from Azmodan so he can sustain the burn as long as possible. Taking down the fixed active defenses is the key here. When a structure is taken out, its gone forever, while a hero is back after he respawns. Be aware of your mana level and be sure to top it off when convenient (between waves, before a push, etc), or when it gets too low for sustained use of "All Shall Burn".

When taking down a hero with "All Shall Burn", try to position so that you are between him and his line of retreat, when it makes sense. That way it takes longer for him to get out of range since he has to go past you, and gives you more time to move to keep him from getting away.

When not otherwise busy, tear down some enemy walls with basic attacks, it helps prevent the enemy from seeing in that area.

Use "Globe of Annihilation" and "Summon Demon Warrior" to take down groups of enemy minions, supplementing with your basic attacks. Be sure to take down the casters who drop the health/mana globes so that you can do a bit more damage before topping off health and mana at your base or fountains.

When needed for a strong push, either for the core, towers, forts, or groups of heroes, try to use "Demonic Invasion", along with "Globe of Annihilation", "Summon Demon Warrior", and "General of Hell". These all provide great cover, while you use "All Shall Burn" to do some serious damage!

Strategy Top

For those who don't know, here are some basic strategies for general use:

If you're playing to maximize experience, take down the first towers and forts across each lane. When all lanes are done with those, work on the second layer of towers and forts. Always ensure there is at least one hero in each lane to soak the experience from minion fights. Also make sure to take down ALL structures that you can. You should be doing this anyway, especially on walls, since while they are up the enemy can see what is happening near them. In general the longer the map plays the more experience your side gets, since you kill more minions and enemy heroes, though once all enemy structures are gone you may as well push for the enemy core so you can move to another map and start the process over again.

If you prefer a faster game, focus on one lane and push for the enemy core. Take advantage of any special map properties to help you push, like vehicles (make sure to master these since the AI will make... less than optimal choices as to where to use them). For other map enhancements like zerg swarms, spiders, pirate cannon, etc, you are pretty much at the mercy of what is chosen for you, though the choice is usually along the lanes where you are least advanced.
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