Murky - Harass, Bubble, Rinse & Repeat by namelessce

Murky - Harass, Bubble, Rinse & Repeat

By: namelessce
Last Updated: Sep 10, 2016
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Build: Wave Clear, Harass, & Poke

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Introduction Top

Murky was my first level 10, when level 10 was the max, and he does great damage to siege & heroes. Along with being able to contribute in all aspects of the game, be everywhere and annoy opponents, and rack up the experience points.

It is late and just started making this guide, which is going to be my first, and will be adding more later. I still have a lot to learn about the Guide making process, creativity, and user friendly flow and design. However, I wanted to get at least a little something out there explaining the talent choices I make, based off other guides that I read that did not choose the same path for the same reasons.

When it comes to Murky, this is the build I always use, with the exception of his ultimate. The use of Octo-Grab is used 90% of time but that other 10% can be used for March of the Murlocs (MotM). The use of MotM is good when the whole purpose, of Murky's life, is to wave clear and siege.
It is also great when Team Murky is full of Auto Attackers and no burst assassins. This is because of the slow that comes with MotM that keeps ALL the enemies from getting away, while also damaging each of them, and allowing the auto attackers to tear them all to shreds in those five seconds. Octo-Grab only holds a single person in place and for only three seconds with no real big damage, from Murky FISH slapping the $#!t out of them. Therefore, it makes it really good when Murky's team has burst, as they can destroy the target within the three seconds and get out before the enemy team comes to assist their 'dead' friend.

Talent Choices and Why:

1.) Bubble Breeze: It allows for awesome harass, chase, and safely performing pokes and escapes.
2.) Bigger Slime: This is chosen to pair with the chosen talent at level 13 (Wrath of Cod).
3.) Compressed Air: This allows the puffer fish to get ALL minions with a single fish (sometimes 1-2 heroes too).
4.) Octo-Grab: With a bursty team comp. March of the Murlocs (MotM): with a more Auto Attack (AA) team comp or focused on lane clearing.
5.) Wrath of Cod: It makes sure all minions die, bruisers nearly dead, and enemy heroes take a big chunk of damage with one single pufferfish. When paired up with Bigger Slim from level 4 talents it makes it almost impossible for the average hero to get out of it in time (if they were at the center).
6.) Rejuvenating Bubble: It keeps you in fights longer and provides for great poke and harass (since you can run in and hit, bubble and heal for damage took, and run away-especially if you choose Bubble Breeze as your level one talent.
7.) Rewind: This makes clearing the big camps easier and quicker, as you can slime twice, puffer fish twice, and heal twice. Also, very very good when paired with Octo-Grab (level 10 talent). Why? Now you can slime, throw fish on hero, throw another on the hero in his escape path, and then octograb. Now he will two big spikes of damage and be pretty low on HP, if not dead, which then allows you to chase and kill (Bubble Breeze, the level one talent, makes it a 90% gunaratne kill.

NOTE: When throwing out a puffer-fish, with enemies around to destroy it, get on top of the egg while trying to bait them in with the thought of possibly destroying it. If performed correctly, nine times out of ten they will miss destroying the puffer-fish and instead attack Murky.

Power of Murky:

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