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By: Warhamster
Last Updated: Jun 5, 2017
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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Nova People pick Nova as the main counter, but she's really low-threat if you know what you're doing. If you know she's there, then simply stand in a wave of Minions to shield yourself from her Q. Once you have toxic buildup and fish tank, you can simply chase her around the map, spanking her ass until she's dead.
Muradin Pretty much nothing he can do to you. Lol,
Tychus Tychus players always make the mistake of using their D instead of their Q to try and kill you. Since Fish tank gives you hefty armour, he should be quite killable mid-game.
  No Threat
Chromie Will annoy you until level 13.
  No Threat
Zagara Early Game threat. You can't kill her until you have Fish Tank, so don't try.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Tracer Will be on you like a tramp on chips. You can't escape, and you dead. At least until you get Fish Tank. :)
Valeera She is pretty annoying until late game. She wont see Fish Tank coming and will always underestimate the amount of damage you can do later, but her ability to turn invisible again sucks hard for you.

Intro: Spank her with that fish all day long. Top

I very rarely play Murky as a specialist. As a specialist I don't really rate him, but I use him all the time to engage in team-fights and get kills as well as push lanes. Murky can be, quite simply, the most effective member of a team and come out as MVP with highest hero damage and XP contribution if you know what you're doing.

The following short guide will show you how to make Nova players too scared to ever come near you again.

Early Game Top

Your first talent is usually always bribe. If you have someone like Valeera on team, then you may want to take Fish Eye. Generally you don't need to worry if it's Nova, as minions can shield you too effectively for her to be a massive problem early game (unlike Valeera).

Fake egg is useless.

Early game is all about supporting your lane. Stacking your Bribe and getting ready for the objective to come up. By the time the objective is ready you can quickly nip across to bribe mercs, then go and support your team in capturing the objective.

Don't worry about dying, it's an occupational hazard of being Murky. Do not fear the reaper, son.

Your other early game talents are going to be Slime Time, because that damage really hurts later on once you've completed the quest, and Time to Krill, as it's a perma-slow for anything that hasn't got good escape (IE: Dv.A, Nova, et al). This will really aid you in getting kills later on.

The Moment They Realise Something is Terribly Wrong Top

Mid game is where you come into your own.

At level 10 you want to always take March of the Murlocs. It's great for teamfights as it's basically a AoE damage-over-time with slow. It's particularly effective on small maps with tight spaces, or focused objectives like Braxis Holdout (it'll really move enemies off those nodes)! But in general the moment an enemy team is caught in it, you'll probably win that fight.

After that you want fish tank. In a duel is permanent armour as it gives you 75 armour per basic attack for 3 seconds. The efficacy of this cannot be understated enough.

Mulocalypse Top

Late game is when you, basically, become The Terror of the Deep. Cthulhu got nothing on you.

You take Toxic buildup as it synergises with Fish Tank and Time to Krill. You now have a perma-slow that grants you armour and does damage every 3 seconds (since each basic attack is roughly a second apart). Combined with your Q, you are going to be doing up to 600 damage every 5 seconds.

Level 20 you take Making Inky. It reduces the cooldown of you Q to 2 seconds, meaning you're now doing epic damage every 3 seconds instead of every 5. Unless the enemy champion is either OP burst or has some good escape, they will die regardless of who they are.

Combine your newfound damage (as long as you completed your quest) with March of the Murlocs and you can quite confidentaly wipe the enemy team in a tight space by doing 1088 damage every 3 seconds.


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