My Lili Build by dragonmark

My Lili Build

By: dragonmark
Last Updated: Jul 19, 2017
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Li Li

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Lili Top

Lili was the first character I worked on, and the reason I was drawn to support play. I know that a number of people think she's weak, but she can keep herself alive, which means she can keep your team alive.

Basic Abilities Top

Healing Brew
Lili's main way of healing your team, healing brew is an ability you will spam a lot during the match. Some people suggest that you should hold down the "Q" whenever you are near someone who is not at full health. You will need to make sure to complete your Conjurer's Pursuit quest if you want to do this to make sure you have mana for when your heals are really needed.

This is a "smart heal," which means that it will heal whoever has the least health within the range of the spell. While some suggest that this makes Lili an easy play, if you want to heal specific heroes, you will need to position yourself to make sure only the person you want to heal is in range. You can see who your target will be by a green leaf above their head.

Cloud Serpent
This is the skill that I use the least, but should probably use more. This creates an auto-attack serpent to whoever you cast it on. You want this on the hero that is in the thick of the team fight for extra damage. With Mending Serpent at level 4, it heals the hero it is cast on whenever it attacks, giving more sustain to that hero. I prefer Mass Vortex to send out more blinds, but this could be a situational pick (see talent choices below).

Blinding Wind
This skill is where Lili does her damage, and helps to mediate auto-attack damage from the opposing team. On talent tiers where I cannot buff my healing, I improve Blinding Wind. This is another "smart" ability. It hits the 2 closest enemies (heroes whenever they are in range) and blinds them.

Trait: Fast Feet
This trait makes Lili the most survivable support in the game. Whenever she takes damage, her movement speed increases. This makes Lili difficult to kite. Stuns and roots can still trap her though, so be careful.

Heroic Abilities Top

Jug of 1,000 cups
This is my preferred heroic for Lili. It heals

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