Nazeebo build and the unformed land by Fangrat

Nazeebo build and the unformed land

By: Fangrat
Last Updated: Apr 4, 2015
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Build: spirits aid you

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T1 DEATH RITUAL This is going to be the bread and butter to the whole play. Kill minions and get stronger. Throw out some auto attacks to enemy heroes it will put a DOT on them, and the bonuses from death ritual increase the DOT. If you do this however, make sure to take a step back immediately after the cast to avoid any incoming attacks.

T2 ENVENOM Normally I am a huge fan of passive ability's. I just feel that Gathering power isn't as helpful in the way that Envenom is. Besides the fact that Gathering Power resets when you die and you have to build "power" all over again. I know in this game or really any others, dying is never the way to play. But at this low level Envenom will get you kills needed to still feed "power" to your passive witch doctor ability Voodoo Ritual

TL;DR Envenom is stupid strong this early in the game and is still good through out.

T3 GIDBINN I feel in this tier Gidbinn is really our best choice. Getting an increase explosion area for plague of toads plus a 25% increase for the amount of time both wall of zombies and corpse spiders are active. trifecta of great things.

T4 RAVENOUS SPIRIT This thing is a beast. I really can't stress how crazy this thing really is. However... this is a channeled spell and while Nazeebo is channeling you are completely exposed, like a turtle on it's back in the hot Sun. It is going to take some practice to learn when to use this and where to stand and use it. One could argue for newer players to just go with Gargantuan. I honestly think that they are both perfectly good choices with this build. But the garg will not bring a smile to your face the way that this big green tasmanian devil can.

T5 SPRINTUmm... You need this. The game can feel like an eternity has passed just to get this spell. Up to this point with our choices you will feel a slow down in game play and will lose some harassing power. Once you get this its pretty smooth sailing.

T6 SPECIALIZED TOXIN On this tier we should realize Nazeebos amazing synergy capabilities. Everything from our t1 choice to t3 and t4. Now all this synergy is pointed right at your opponents. 10/10

T7 ANNIHILATING SPIRIT If you choose to use the garg just swap this out for Humongoid. I just wanted to add I see a lot of people really loving Bolt of the Storm for this tier. Honestly you can use it, but sprint should almost always be ready when you need to use it.


(Q)CORPSE SPIDERS Throw these little guys out all the time. Really no wrong way to use this spell. Keep in mind they attack the first thing they see so it may take some aim to hit an enemy player.

(W)ZOMBIE WALLI would love to sit and talk about how freaking amazing this spell is. It has so many uses and discovering them is a blast. A word of caution though. Sometimes not using this spell can save you and your team. Instead of trying to trap players just block off paths for there team or when they are running back to a healing well put it in front of there gate and it will stop them from entering. I find that to be more useful and sometimes you will get lucky with a trap in doing this. But just going for a trap is silly, half the time they miss or will be escaped.

(E)PLAGUE OF TOADS Sadly these are pretty easy to dodge. Its nice to scare opponents back with. But to really do a lot of damage is going to take some practice. Use the toads and spiders for clearing lanes and save the zombie wall for just in case you start getting chased or something unexpected like that.


For the most part you can solo. Don't be afraid of a little 2v1. Im not saying you can take them both but you can kite or make them slip up and need to grab an unwanted healing well. Getting to level 10 should be you can solo knight camps but you will need to use your ultimate, for giant camps just drop some zombies and show them some toads and spiders.

Enemy heroes you'll want to DOT up. Just keep in mind that most tanks can smash you in this build. Jainas and Vallas should give you zero trouble. Tychus however is pretty scary. When coming up on threats just stay with your team.


Hope this guide is helpful and that if you do play it that its fun.

I'll be happy to answer any questions as best as I can, just leave them in the comment section.

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