Nazeebo: Wall of Poison. patch 20.2 by PetToads

Nazeebo: Wall of Poison. patch 20.2

By: PetToads
Last Updated: Sep 27, 2016
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Talents Top

Talent 1: Thing of the Deep
increase range for wall reasons also helps you play a bit safer in lane with your other abilities.

Talent 2: Blood Ritual
sustain in lane

Talent 3: Dead Rush
wall hurts and so far on the new patch toads are underwhelming and 1 extra spider isn't that scary.
Plus a pack of zombies chasing someone low is always nice to watch.

Talent 4: Gargantuan
Never enjoyed the low mobility of Ravenous Spirit and you can't cast while using it. Gargantuan is now more of a zoning tool and fits nicely inside a comfortable zombie wall.

Talent 5: Ice Block
Peeling for Nazeebo is harder than ever with all of these divers that aren't intimidated by toads in the face anymore. That damage overtime just doesn't get the same respect as the possible burst from toads and toads suck now so its harder to throw toads.

Talent 6: Ring of Poison
Anyone who hasn't been able to get out of a wall is pretty much dead and it definitely adds to the sieging potential of Nazeebo. He is able to quickly dispatch buildings instead of sending wave of toads after toads now.

Talent 7: Viral Infection
If you are able to stack the trait reasonably well this talent allows for even more poison. Slightly over a hundred damage per tick for six seconds is pretty great inside a wall of death.

Alternative talents: mostly rambling Top

Tier 1 talents: spiders in my opinion do enough and it just makes everything easier with extra range. toads are pretty garbage now unless you hit all three, so no alternative I guess.

Tier 2 talents: This depends on the map mostly, Blood Ritual should only be taken in maps with good laning or if you want to quickly heal in a nearby lane like me. On the current patch Blood Ritual heals 2% max health and mana. Best lane sustain.

Hexed crawlers are the only other sustain option, which obviously involves lots of team fights over objectives.

Big voodoo is viable but really it just makes you tankier with more mana. It just isn't the same without some sustain; stay healthy.

Tier 3 talents: Wall is best
me no like weak toads. and 1 spider isn't really going to make that much of a difference. The wall just hurts.

Tier 4 talents: ULTIMATE ABILILTY?!?!?
This is mostly preference because both can really do well once you land the wall. I just like gargantuan for the mobility and the spellcasting, but I can see how Ravenous Spirit could be good. Also keep in mind of your team if they really need more damage and can protect you Ravenous Spirit doesn't need a zombie wall.

Tier 5 talents:
Usually i never liked to pick ice block unless i was forced into it but this is a requirement now for nazeebo. It just feels so easy to dive on him and you can invite someone inside your wall while being safe.
Superstition is painful from auto attackers that are mostly in range of you now.
Guarding toads are only good with toads but can't counter huge burst.

Tier 6 talents: Obviously you want a wall of death so get the poison to make it deadly.
The other talents aren't so appealing either too dangerous or too safe for my playstyle and wall just hurts.

Tier 7 talents:
Humongoid isn't really worth it, hes not that good and mana isn't really a problem unless you spam all day.
If you went Ravenous Spirit, Annihilating Spirit is an option; inescapable pain.
Fury of the Storm is the other go to if you are unable to stack the trait, it provides some burst every 5 seconds and helps you clear waves without having to use the wall.
Vile Infection just does so much damage extra damage while the wall is up. The victim is battered by zombies, poisoned in the wall, bitten by spiders, smacked around a bit by your ult, and hugged by toads, much damage with stacks.

How to use this Build: Top

Hit your stuff obviously. Well more so now since spider jar needs to hit and wall and toads?

In my experience mid ranged is best, but people still do not expect the toads in the face if you are standing right in front of them. Secret about me, I like to melee sometimes for toad reasons before I get the talents I need.

Nazeebo stuff Top

look at an older guide, never really considered counters and the scale of bad match ups, he hasn't changed that much in terms of mobility. Stay alert and deal damage.

I don't know if this is new news or not but you can angle your toads using the map to stack 3 on top of each other to hit one person.

...uhhh what else? GL HF

WHO AM I?!?!? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, hopefully. Top

First guide and I am a HotS player from the beta and have recently gotten back in from the spring. played most of the time with some breaks in between. I am not the best player especially since I did not put in the dedication to get to masters for awesome stegosaurus. I am an inferior diamond player I guess, WITHOUT AWESOME STEGOSAURUS; I cry every night.
I do not keep up with HotS esports and I think everyone is bad including me since all I see are the people around my level.
I made my own builds from the beginning of my start in HotS and obviously never share since this is my first guide. I call them my own builds but chose what seemed the best talents and combos, so I am inevitably copying someone somewhere without knowing and posted this since as of right now haven't seen a build like this out for this patch.
No life player of lvl 13 in Nazeebo and no master skin.


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