Nesic's Build - Zagara ~Pushing by Nesic

Nesic's Build - Zagara ~Pushing

By: Nesic
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2015
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So, you focus on banelings because its insane amount of AoE dmg vs creeps and buildings, also have a very long range so even if someone is on lane trying to defend you can bring down waves of creeps and towers without getting into any trouble. Specially good if they try to push with many creeps/merceneries, You will literally melt down their army with this single skill.

Tumor Clutch is nice talent,specially vs heroes that can bring down your tumors so with Tumor Clutch you can keep spamming tumors everywhere, for 0 mana!

You should use Nydus Worm to travel fast between lane and fountain to regen mana or health eventually,simply keep pushing your lane(top/bot) till u get fort and keep and in case they wanna gank you you shuold just jump back to nydus worm. Its a bit harder to play like this if they got a lot of stuns so they can interrupt you while trying to enter nydus worm but in that case You should have even better map awareness to do it right...
Also if they are trying to push your lane,spamming tumors earlier on gives you vision so you can simply pop up nydus worm and jump in front of their base cutting their incoming waves+base till you see they wanna come back for you then just jump in nydus worm and keep pushing other lane etcetc.

P.S. Don't forget to jump in and out of worms on lanes whenever You can to take advantage of level 20 talent!

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