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One Build Rules All

By: Fawlcon
Last Updated: May 15, 2015
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This build destroys Mercs and Minions (M&M), and uses it to help drop Heroes in team fights quickly Top

TER 1. Withering Fire; Barbed Shot, is so universal, and having the ability to drop Minions and Mercs (M&M) fast make this the obvious choice. Plus once you get Rangers Ambush and Unstable Poison, you drop minion groups really fast.

TER 2. Rangers Ambush; at first I took Envenom, but quickly realized my mistake. Envenom gives 180 damage over 5 seconds; with a full minute cool down. Using Rangers Ambush via Haunting Wave to refill my Withering Fire gives me 25 damage x5 every 10-12 seconds or a possible total damage of 1,250 damage over the same time period. Obviously I only use about 1/3 of it but that is still 400+ damage. Essentially you unload Shadow Dagger and all 5 Withering Fires on a hero, then use Haunting Wave to damage and TP through the Hero; then unload 5 more Shadow Daggers doing a combined total 10 Withering Fires, 1 Shadow Dagger and and Haunting Wave. Done correctly I have dropped Illidan and other heroes who though they ambushed me for easy pickens. Another plus is Withering Fire auto hits the closest target, so no need to aim after you teleport towards a fleeing hero, on the downside, some of the Withering Fire might hit M&Ms if they are closer than what you actually want to hit.

TER 3. Unstable Poison, as a support character, her primary perk is to destroy Mercs and Minions quickly to run lanes, this clears them fast, awesome in late game to stop Mercs and Minions around the core or other structures. Their explosions also damage the nearby heroes if any, which is icing on the cake if you unload on a group when they spawn around their core = Dead Hero.

TER 4. Wailing Shot; essentially the other option is too narrow in its application to be useful; the "Silence" perk Wailing Shot also gives you is golden against attacking heroes, especially AOE. This is really a no brainier.

TER 5. Splinter Shot; With Withering Fire being your go to damage producer and reloaded by Rangers Ambush, this is now makes dropping groups of Minions and Mercs now ultra fast and makes larger group merc camps manageable by yourself as the second hit also stuns, completely shutting down large groups. Also doing more damage to any nearby heroes is a plus.

TER 6. Cold Embrace; makes enemies AND structures/core vulnerable to everyone, letting your initiator, Shadow Dagger, shine. With your Withering Fire hitting two targets and spreading this effect, you can actually change the tide of a team battle.

TER 7. Deafening Blast; being able to damage a large group and silence heroes for 5 seconds is as good as it gets and extremely useful late game to finish off a pack of injured running heroes. Not to mention the silence also stops some other heroic abilities mid stream, icing on the cake.

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