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Last Updated: Jun 18, 2015
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Muradin You will have some tough time dealing with tanks. Just focus on the squishy opponents and take the tanks last.
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The build Top

  • A lot of hero damage.
  • Both AOE and single target.
  • Easy to play.
  • Annoying.

  • No crowd control, just a minor stun.
  • Addictive build.
Imagine yourself hiding in the tall grass*. An unwitting victim runs past you. Then... BAM

Reactivate it again for some extra damage... BAM


Your victim begins to realize the situation. Tries to run away...

If, and only if, your victim were lucky enough to escape with some few HP left... BAM

*(You don't have to hide in the tall grass all the time. Just press Z to leap behind your target.)

Did someone say hero damage?

I've played this build a lot and it has always resulted in a most satisfying statistics page. Even though my team lost I still dominate the hero damage output. This build awesome for roaming around taking easy picks.

In team fights, try to open up with the Hinterland Blast to get the most out of it and then focus down the opponent healer or assassin. It's easy as that! But please, do not use your Hinterland Blast to snipe fleeing enemies after the fight, you have the Barrel roll to deal with that situation.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

About me Top

I started playing MOBA a time before HoN became free to play. I've then tried League of Legends, Dota 2 and HotS since the beta. Heroes of the Storm is by far my favorite MOBA game if you ask me. This is my first build. Perhaps I'll write some more, perhaps not.

Have a nice day!

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