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Probius Defensive Trap & Push

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2017
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Threats to Probius with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Varian Aside from his charge Ult (which would be a waste on Probius), he really has no way of catching up with a mobile Probius, who in turn can continuously drop Photon Cannons and Pylons.
Illidan With no escape, Illidan is quick to be melted by the Pylon trap once he dives.
The Butcher Easy enemy. He is completely melee-range focused, and a main trait of his is to charge himself right into our trap.
Sgt. Hammer While you can easily drop rifts on a sieged Hammer, and follow up with an easy Disruption Pulse combo, a smart Hammer player will siege out your Pylons from afar.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Tracer While Tracer has a low health pool that can be drained by your cannons, her mobility really hurts your escape.
  No Threat
Valeera The stun is rough to deal with. Probius's low health pool cannot handle the stun along with the high burst damage.
Zeratul Zeratul is your worst matchup. Along with his burst damage, if he talents to teleport to your location, you small amount of escape is of little help.

How To Play This Build Top

The goal of this build is to push a lane while maintaining a successful defense throughout the process. Probius is not an aggressive hero. In fact, he specializes in surprise traps. Many of you may remember the hero feature when Probius was announced... that is exactly how you want to play him: lure enemies into your established defense!

Basically what this means is that you want to have two Pylons up at all time to have plenty of room to throw down your Photon Cannons. The main thing to keep in mind is that you ALWAYS want to have Worker Rush off cooldown when you are pushing forward, as it is your only means of escape. As you push your lane, your goal is to lure enemies into melee range of Probius (or pull ranged assassins into Pylong range), throw down a Photon Cannon, and activate Pylong Overcharge. This means enemies will be getting hit from two Pylons, your Photon Cannons, and your Disruption Pulse. This will melt any enemies foolish enough to fall into your trap.

Talent Choices Top

Level 1) Gather Minerals
The reason for this talent is the end-goal later in game. The added health for your Photon Cannons, along with the added health, is extremely useful in late game, especially when we get our taps set up.

Level 4) Turbo Charged
The 10% passive boost is nice, but the real gem here is the 20-second cooldown reduction. Worker Rush is your only means of escape, and is absolutely necessary when pushing. You should always play defensively until you have Worker Rush off-cooldown. If you still have Worker Rush on cooldown, and you get ganked by Valeera or something, your small health pool will diminish very quick. Reducing this cooldown keeps you in an aggressive position much more often. Photon Barrier isn't helpful when it's only active when you have a Photon Cannon up. The shield boost from Shield Capacitor is alright, but 10% of his already small health pool isn't very helpful.

Level 7) Particle Accelerator
The reason we take this talent is because of the raw damage boost. Increasing the damage by having your poke pass through enemies is really nice, and the combo with your Warp Rift really helps. Landing the Warp Rift explosion is nice, but you shouldn't base your entire damage boost off of it. The Tower Defense talent is also helpful and could be a 2nd pick if you aren't good at landing the skill shots.

Level 10) Pylon Overcharge
This is the main talent our defense/trap build is based off of. Your goal here is to have two Pylons in close proximity of each other (hopefully covering an objective). You then drop your Photon Cannons between the two Pylons' energy field to start the attack on your opponent. As soon as they come within range of Probius, unleash your ult, and not only will your Photon Cannons be attacking them, but so will your Pylons. The combination will absolutely melt enemies.

Level 13) Aggressive Matrix
This talent is mostly about preference, and could vary with team composition. Usually I go with the Aggressive Matrix option, as boosted attack is always helpful. The Power Overflowing should be your last option, as the spell damage bonus should only affect a couple heroes. If you have 3 heroes on your team dealing spell damage... something is wrong with your team comp. Shield Battery is nice for tank/bruiser-heavy team compositions though.

Level 16) Quantum Entanglement
The main benefit you are going to get out of your Warp Rifts are going to be the bonus damage from the combo with your Disruption Pulse, and the slow effect it has on enemies. Most enemies will get out of the way before the Warp Rift explodes. Thus, increasing the slow duration even after they move is very helpful. Gravity Well is ok, but again, most players will move away from the center very quickly. Repulsor and Interference both rely on the explosion, which just isn't reliable.

Level 20) Construct Additional Pylons
Our main defensive trap is based around our Pylons. Thus, increasing the number of active Pylons and boosting their damage output by 25% is an absolute must.

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