Ultimate pushing and killing machine... by Laxus

Ultimate pushing and killing machine...

By: Laxus
Last Updated: May 6, 2017
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Build: Full Aggro

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Without much explanation nor sidestories about Probius and his friends, I'm giving you the ultimate (according to me) pushing and killing spree guide, with a win rate of 87%.

The tips about this guide are:

i) Go mid, push the lane till 3rd wave and then assist bot or top.

ii) Stay at the lane you choose till mercenaries appear and then rush for as many as you can handle.

iii) No matter what, spam D, Cannon, Warps and Q and dont waste time on basic attacks. With a good positioning of D and Cannon you can push the whole lane in less than 6 minutes.

iv) If it is an AoE based map keep tracking the objective of the map without considering Defense of the lane you abandoned.

v) When it is time for team fight choose safe long range combat till lvl 13 and then just make half circles of while pushing enemies and while spawning all the time your D and Warps (even without exploding them).

vi) Most important tip: Never leave the fight, kite as much as you can and remember that you are really Strong from early game. The whole thing is to spam W and Q after positioning D.

Hope that you will enjoy it guys, and will give me a comment about this guide as it works enormously good for me!

Cheers and always have fun!

P.S.: According to enemy team you can choose at lvl 13 Aggressive Matrix (for empowering team) or Shield Battery (for Shielding team).

P.S.2: Again according to enemy team (if they have blinks, rushes etc) you can choose at lvl 20 between Construct Additional Pylons (for triangle form of your Ulti) or Shoot 'Em Up (for trapping enemies between warps) .

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