Qazaru's Basic Zul'jin Build by Qazaru

Qazaru's Basic Zul'jin Build

By: Qazaru
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
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Build: Basic Attack Zul'jin Build

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Threats to Zul'jin with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Lt. Morales It is very easy to kill Morales off. The challenge is the people around her. Make sure to open with W, then immediatly use Q and then use your basic attacks with your D (berserker) active.
Azmodan A good Azmodan will run from a good Zul'jin, because Azmo's attacks slowly drain health, which will boost Zul'jin's damage output.
Artanis Artanis is very easy to fight, but watch out for hsi displacement ability.
Gul'dan Gul'dan is very easy to kill off as long as you aren't hit with all three of his W ability. Keep on the move and be ready to flee at any moment.
Abathur Abathur has too low health when you can manage to find him. But watch out for his symbiosis on other players and his spawns.
Diablo Diablo is easy to farm basic attacks off of, so make sure to do so, but do not let him come close to you. Run away when you begin to feel slightly uncomfortable with the situation. Do not engage if you are alone.
Kel'Thuzad Kel'thuzad can keep Zul'jin in place, which might be good or bad, depending on the situation. Make sure to be on the move when he is around.
Li-Ming She has good range and powerful abilities, but if you get close enough with your slow and your basic attack movement speed then she is easy to take down.
Illidan Illidan has high mobility, to he is hard to hit with your Q and W. Run away from Illidan if you have no support or teammate to back you up.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Alarak Alarak might be one of the most deadly heroes due to his ability to silence Zul'jin and his abilities. If you cannot cast Taz'dingo!, don't take the chance. Alarak can remove your ability to survive.
Johanna Watch out for Johannas blinds and stuns, they will nullify your damage with the blinds.
Garrosh Garrosh can put Zul'jin where he does not want to be. Zul'jin has no abilities that help him get around other than movement speed from basic attacks. Keep a good distance from Garrosh!
  No Threat

Early Game Top

In the early game as Zul'jin with this build you want to switch between lanes, to look for enemy heroes. Make sure to not die, this is very important. make sure that someone is in all lanes at all times, at least until level 10, to pick up all the exp. Try to have not too many teamfights.
As Zul'jin you do not want to engage first. Always make sure you are comfortable in a fight as you want your berserker (D) to be active at most times. Only turn the ability off in PvE and when your health is below 35%.

Always be on edge, as Zul'jin has nothing to help him move around at the moment. Try to stick with a support character that can shield you or keep your health steady, like Lt. Morales or Tassadar.

Make sure to use your E ability after fights if you have the mana, and your health is below 60%. You can even do this mid fight, just back off a little and use it, you don't need to fully cast it either.

When being chased, you can press E to get a small health boost, even if it is interrupted.

Mid Game Top

Now that you have your Taz'dingo! ability, you need to make sure that you do not waste it.
Never enter a fight if you do not have the mana to use Taz'dingo!. Fighting is basically the same as early game, but there will be less laning and more PvP. Focus on other players.

When you want to use Taz'dingo! you should make sure that it isnt wasted. Try to use Taz'dingo! when your health is less than 10% and you see that the other enemy heroes are beginning to lose their health. Make sure D (berserker) is active when using berserker to maximise your damage output. It is important that you turn it off just before Taz'dingo! ends.

Focus on assassins and support heroes in fights.

Late Game Top

Just keep on doing what you have done the entire game.

Good luck and remember to have fun my fellow amani!
Foa da Amani!

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