May I Ax You a Question. by Ponyboy

May I Ax You a Question.

By: Ponyboy
Last Updated: Jun 29, 2018
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Build: I'll take your head!

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Build: Wrong place for you

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Build: You gettin the ax

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Introduction Top

Hello, I'm Ponyboy and I decided to do a guide on one of my best assassins, the Troll Chief Zul'jin. He's a seemingly simple assassin with some interesting mechanics that give you a good deal more to manage and makes him rather easy to mess up with if you don't figure him out. And I'm hear to lend a hand with that. And once you get the hang with him he's quite a blast.

Abilities Top

This is your primary damage amp tool, gives some nice bonus to your attacks with whatever you hit, but be warned about throwing it at someone in a minion wave because it won't likely hit them as it only hits a couple things before stopping without talenting into it.

This is probably one of the most annoying skill shots in the game, mostly because it's revolving nature makes it a bit of a pain to have people in the optimal spot to hit and is a bit of an annoyance to get used to.

Use this whenever you have time to spare and health to get back. It never hurts to have more health and its not like you can't lower it yourself to get the bonuses from it, or just rely on damage from enemies.

This makes your health a manageable resource unlike everyone else's who's health is just how long the have left to live (against you not long). You really should use this to your advantage, as you end up pumping out tons more damage with a decent chunk of health missing. And make sure you complete the quest as soon as possible as it helps so much.

Now this is a permanent ability, but no longer has an armor bonus inherently and have to talent into that. Now that you always have it your choices at level 4 are a bit freed up.

Level 1 Talents Top

If you need some hard single target damage, this is your pick, whether its a hero or a npc like an immortal. If your good with handling the skill shot it needs and you can keep the one target in range by either them having no escape or a teammate like Jaina its a good pick if your going AA, but you'll need to spec fully into it.

If your going for a Twin Cleave build, this is your go to, and a possibility for AA if you don't have a support to buff you back above 50 without your say so. I wouldn't do that though if the enemy has high level burst though, you'd be too prime a target. If your planning on using it primarily for ability damage then that's not too much of a danger.

This one can be annoying on occasion, but most of the time it gets done at a pretty good spot and its benefits are the best since all damage goes up and more range equals more poke and less runaway of everything so don't feel daunted by its seemingly impossibility. But if you pick it fighting an Abathur your a dunce and I'm sorry for saying that, but its true. Also, this Headhunter icon gives the wrong info, look at the one on the build.

Level 4 Talents Top

Any of these are pick-able, so whichever fits your situation and play style.
This is the least beneficial one in combat, but outside of it gets some nice added healing so you can use Berserker more for minions and merks and other yadahoo. Also great on battlegrounds where you'll be poking around an objective for a while like Cursed Hollow or Warhead Junction where you get chunks of rest time in a team fight.

A good pick if your up against a slow heavy team. It's great there but otherwise the other 2 choices are better as while the mana reduction and cooldown are nice, if that's all you want then Troll's Blood has more value.

Now this choice gives you armor and lowers the cooldown on Amani Rage. A good choice if you frequent using the ability or your facing a burst heavy team and you need the armor to survive the impending blast likely coming your way.

Level 7 Talents Top

It's a great boost, but you need Boneslicer to take full advantage of it otherwise the bonus time added to it won't be used, especially if you are missing health.

If your going for an Twin Cleave build, you need this to get the most out of it. Also get your main quest done asap, as the two rotations will get you more gains from this.

Attack speed is never bad, especially if your in a Taz'dingo! death sentence and you can milk this for all its worth. Even if your not up for death, this will give you more attack speed whatever health your at that what it was before you took it. If your not building into Grievous Throw but still going AA, this is your pick.

Heroic Abilities Top

Your 1 finger salute to your killers, and if your using this your most likely dead anyway. This is not something you should probably use if your believe you can get away, as once you pop this if the enemy has any way to stop you they will use it so either wait till its been used or go for the other option if they have tons. Once it's been popped give them all you have and take them to the grave with you.

This is your burst hit, but its quite a small hit zone and has a bit of delay, so you need to lead it and helps if you have a teammate to keep em glued down for ya. Also don't use when you have full health, unless your aiming for someone with nothing left. It still hits decent but in no way as hard as you want to, and you want it to hit as hard as you can, I'd say 65% max if your aiming for people with reasonable health left.

Both of these are great, but they both have a build that they work best with, so if you build AA then go Guillotine then you lose the bonuses that you get from your AA talents that would carry into Taz'dingo!. It's the flip for a Twin Cleave build, so go with what gets the most from your build.

Level 13 Talents Top

Nice boost to Twin Cleave, the slow is nearly doubled and if your building to this its your main damage source.

This gives some nice chasing ability for when your going after people with little escape, but your going to need to be missing health if you want to get its bonus up fast.

I'm not a fan really, its not bad per se, but the other two mesh so well with their respective builds and there are other heroes who are much better at rooting than you and it has too long a cooldown that I really can't recommend it.

Level 16 Talents Top

You've gotta be dang good with Twin Cleave to make use of this, but dang if you are you can rack up tons of extra damage and extra AA damage, which you should never turn down. And if you plan on picking this make sure you have your main quest done, or at least very close to being done, otherwise your gonna miss out on a good portion of the benefit of this.

This is quite situational, but if that situation is in your game this is gold. Only take this if your fighting heroes that can give themselves armor, Blaze and Garrosh, give others armor, Uther and Lt. Morales, or narurally have armor, Arthas or Johanna. Even then make sure you pick the rest of the Grievous Throw talents or this won't do enough.

Great AA build choice, building it up is easy and it's surprisingly easy to maintain, as you can attack anything to keep it active. Even better on maps like Tomb of the Spider Queen where your always around minions, but if your not on a map like that and going AA, don't be discouraged from picking it. It's way to beneficial.

Level 20 Talents Top

Ok, now your "if I'm going down your coming with me" ability into something to let you live with everyone dead around you. And you get another chance to flee after this expires and you have more health. Also it's not just AA damage, a good Twin Cleave will rack up some nice stats too.

Now if your a bit behind who your aiming for they still get hit, and kills give you health, and since you usually cast this at low health its not a hurt to get either. Just too many benefits to ignore.

Eh not a huge fan, its a great combo with Voodoo Shuffle since you getta keep using everything from it and not just getting the root out, but otherwise I would prefer to boost whatever heroic you took. Their benefits just combo way too well with everything else.

Builds Top

I'll take your head

This is my personal favorite builds, simple but dang it hits like a truck once it gets rolling. Works quite well when your just learning how to use Zul'jin, as theirs less worry about skill shots and you can spend more time working out how you like using Berserker and it just hits hard. It's a good choice against teams with little fleeing abilities or when you have allies who can keep em there for you to keep whacking.

Wrong place for you

Skillshots for days, not necessarily the best pick starting out, unless you've spent a lot of time with someone like Kel'Thuzad. If you feel confident enough though, this can be a great choice against squishy enemies as all your Twin Cleave with Wrong Place Wrong Time can cleave large portions of health from them, setting them up for Guillotine.

You getting the ax

If you wanna go AA and are fighting armored targets or up against npc big targets like immortals or punishers, this can make those targets go down in a flash. Also not bad if your not a fan of turning on Berserker as this give you a better bonus than the other AA build if you don't turn it on.

Notable Heroes to play with and against Top

She is a huge pain. Blind, physical armor, and can yank you away from your team and into ganking range. She is practically your biggest pain.

Your a prime target to top hat, especially if your going AA and he went Adrenal Overload. Just try to make sure he's soaking xp since you need to have the level lead since your missing a hero is most fights.

He's got some things that are a huge pain for you. Lamb to the Slaughter is one of the best counters to Taz'dingo! and his charge stun gives him the window to cast it.

Hey, another source of immortality. Communicate with your team if he planes on going for Sanctification cause overlapping the 2 would really blow. The shields to make you last longer at low health for more damage are icing on the cake.

Tips Top

  • Don't just sit at minimal health for damage bonuses, your setting yourself up for ganking. If you know where everyone is though and wanna quick finish something off, its doable.
  • Early game try to be in the lane with the most heroes so you can build up your trait as fast as possible.
  • Zul'jin can fill in whatever you need for damage in a comp, but try not to pick him early, he's too hindered by blinds and silences so he's easily countered. Try to pick him at the end and not with a blinding hero on the enemy's side.
  • You have no escape, don't go deep chasing someone when you have no clue where people are and no one to back you up.

Final Words Top

This guide is just advice for someone looking for it, if you have something that works better for you, by all means do it, heck let me know what it is. If you don't know what you wanna do with the chief troll give whats here a whack and see what you like. Find what works for you, and do it. Good luck out there.

Thank You! Top

Thanks to the staff for featuring this on the weekly staff picks list. Your awesome guys.

Updates Top

Amani Rage is now a permanent ability and Amani Hide replaced its place in the level 4 talents and Wrong Place Wrong Time build.

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