Rehgar à la DonkeyMonkey (work in progress, updated for talent rework) by DonkeyMonkey

Rehgar à la DonkeyMonkey (work in progress, updated for talent rework)

By: DonkeyMonkey
Last Updated: Feb 11, 2016
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Build: Rehgar à la DonkeyMonkey

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Short Introduction Top

My name is Douglas but I prefer the name DonkeyMonkey playing Blizzards Games (especially HotS). I play a handfuls of games but in the end it when they ask me what I like the most it always starts with H and O and T and S. Also I like to play World of Warcraft with my little Gnomey Outlaw Rogue, however we are now gonna focus on HotS...

I am mostly playing the Support role but I can also do the Warriors pretty well. Today we are gonna focus on Rehgar who's a pretty awesome healer (if built a certain way) with great mobility and chasing because of his trait Ghost Wolf. He also has very good healing with his Q Chain Heal and Heroic Ancestral Healing. In his kit he also has waveclear, damage and smaller CC through his other two abilities (W, E)

Personally along with Brightwing and Kharazim he is one of the three best supports in the game. Enough talking lets go!

Trait (mount) Top

Ghost Wolf

"Instead of using a mount, Rehgar transforms into a Ghost Wolf, increasing movement speed by 30%. Transformation is instant and can be used while moving. Basic Attacks while in Ghost Wolf cancel the form but deal 100% increased damage."

This is so awesome, instantly mount up. The mobility, flexibility and chasin potential you get from this ability is awesome. And now with the new and updated Rehgar the effects of the old, pre rework talent Feral Lounge has been added into his basic and untalented kit it is so freakin' OP. Escape, Chase, Rotations... YOU rock at it.

Basic Abilites Top

Chain Heal

"Heal an ally for a large amount of Health, then heal up to two other nearby allies for a moderate amount of Health each."

This ability is great beacause it's not like Malfurions, Li Lis or Uthers single targeted heal (except Holy Radience and Heroics). It is not a AoE but it heals more people. First of you heal the one with most injury and then the other allies around you will autoheal. Great huh?

Heroic Abilities Top


Talent Picks Top


A Quick Thanks Top

Thank you for reading this guide

All my current builds Top



Just for me to remember it

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