Rehgar the burst healer by gumbogumby

Rehgar the burst healer

By: gumbogumby
Last Updated: Jul 2, 2015
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Build: Burst Heal

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How i play Rehgar Top

Rehgar a pretty basic support. There is nothing really fantastic about him can be super boring but can be very rewarding if played right. But everyone has their own type of builds that work for them and with the changes this has had the best success for me so far.

Why i take the talents Top

O no teir one why take Spiritwalker's Grace you freaking nub......... Well sir i can explain with the new Teir 6 talent the less mana you use on Q healing the more times you can spam it with the cd reduction from the teir 6 talent while casting your Lightining Shield and totem without feeling the wane on your mana from Q. Now the rest of the talents make sense and pretty much common sense to pick those. But the lvl 20 talent i really enjoy using rewind so far can cast 3 Q's almost back to back that is massive heal burst that most heros can't burst threw.

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