Rehgar's Aggression by Capurnicus

Rehgar's Aggression

By: Capurnicus
Last Updated: May 20, 2016
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Build: Rehgar's Aggression

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To me, Rehgar is one of the most dynamic characters in Heroes. Sure, you can play him just standing behind the tank, healing and keeping Lightening Shield up... What happens though when your in a group that lacks offensive prowess?

The style of this build is to turn Rehgar into an effective front line teammate for the team's best melee damage option. This means running side by side and double teaming enemy hero targets. Oh, and if your target thinks running away is an option, a chase down with Ghost Wolf can put an end to that real quick! (Provided they aren't a freaking Tracer!)

Lets discuss the build choices:

1: Lightning Bond - Before you say "Electric Charge always!" keep in mind your role in this build. The extra radius on Lightening Shield is great, but the extra damage when double teaming with Lightning Bond can be immense! Foes often don't stand a chance with 2 shields hitting them at once.

2: Feral Heart - An easy choice for me, as I stay in wolf form whenever possible for speed and surprise attacks.

3: Blood and Thunder - When your constantly using your wolf attack this is a great option for keeping the heals and shields coming in a fight.

4: Bloodlust - The obvious choice for a damage build. Bloodlust can turn the tables on an enemy hoard in moments.

5: Earth Shield - A shout out to Earthliving Enchant, which is also a great option. I go with Earth Shield to keep my need for Chain Heal lower. Also it can be pretty demoralizing to have a shielded Greymane or Butcher chasing you around.

6: Rising Storm - Nothing says "Ouch!" quite like Bloodlust mixed with Rising Storm. If your melee friend wasn't annihilating everything in sight now already, then this just might put them over the edge!

7: Gladiator's War Shout - Just to add insult to injury, not only will your group be doing crazy damage, but now they probably won't be dieing anytime soon either.

That's that folks! I use this build often and have to say it's both fun and effective in my book. Just remember to stay mobile using Ghost Wolf, and for gosh darn sake, use your Wolf attack AND THEN shield up!

Bring the pain!


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