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Safe Pushing Sylvanas

By: NeoGalaxy
Last Updated: Dec 6, 2015
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Threats to Sylvanas with this build

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Lt. Morales Well, she's a great healer. But thats about it. Just look out for her grenade not bouncing you into the crowd.
Brightwing On his own, Brightwing doesn't pose a threat. But with a team, be aware of his move to turn you into some kind of animal.
Murky Nothing much to see here. It mostly runs away. But best look out for some of its attacks.
Li Li Don't go one on one with her. She patches herself up, and has the moves to kill you. But she's not the biggest threat to ya.
Uther He's tricky to kill, a great healer, and has some damaging moves. Best to look out for him. No one on one combat.
Artanis Artanis has this switch move. He's strong, but as far as i've seen, not strong enough on his own, to be much of danger. But if he's ganging you up, best avoid him totally.
Jaina She has some mighty powerfull moves. But she's easy to kill.
E.T.C. E.T.C isn't much of Danger, but beware for his power slide
Raynor He's a strong guy, and has a little extra health once you bring him down to 40%. A one on one is hard to win with this guy, but he's not the hardest to escape from either.
Valla Just like Jaina she's strong, but easy to kill. Except Valla has a move that makes her jump towards you, and she's a bit faster, so therefor more dangerous.
Tychus His continues shots fired at you, can pose a danger. He's somewhat hard to get away from. And if you're running away, he has some move that bounces you back into the hungry mouths of your opponents (if they happen to stand behind you that is)
Tyrande Tyrande has a bird that scouts for her. She can blow your cover while using this pushing build. She also has a stunning move, so be aware.
Cho Cho has this move that slides himself towards you. Once he and 'Gall have you, you're pretty much done for. If 'Gall detonates the bomb on the right timings that is.. lol
Anub'arak Anubarak gets more dangerous each level. Ones he has his ultimate set on those little bugs of his, and he digs his way towards you when you run, its hard to escape his continues damage.
Illidan You can't surprise this blind guy, but he can surprise you. Once he's on to you, played by a person who masters him well, you're pretty much doomed. He has this jumping move you need to look out for. Best use your Haunting Wave to get out. Tip: Aim it towards walls to get behind and run from there.
Zeratul Pretty much just as dangerous as Illidan. But blizzard decided to pinch it up a bit more by making it also invisible. If you see a blur of either him, or Nova, use your Haunting Wave to turn him visible.
Kerrigan Once Kerrigan reels you in, you're likely to get screwed.
Stitches Stitches is not the biggest danger alone, but once he reels you in with some back up, you're f*cked.
Sonya If Sonya is packed with a berserk ulti, and she hooks on to you, chances of survival are small.
The Butcher That damn run man...that damn run...

Explanation on how to power up and why to power these skills up. Top

Increase tier 1, 3 and 6 for the Shadow Dagger to weaken your enemies, and grand yourself some health on your way to victory.
Increase on tier 2 the paralysis of the Black arrows you shoot, to ensure safety of paralyzing minions or towers while you push your way to the core.
On Tier 4 and 7, up your ultimate move, and take over your enemies minions, and even their taken mercenaries.
Note: The possession ulti goes really well, when you team up with Azmodan.
And use Tier 5 to grant yourself movement speed, once you've hit an enemy with Withering Fire. This way, you're safer to flee from a team that's closing in on you.

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