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Secret Agent Gazlowe

By: CptnKrayz
Last Updated: Aug 10, 2015
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Build: Secret Agent (Sneaky Sneaky)

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Threats to Gazlowe with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Azmodan Can clear your waves really quickly and push them out so that you don't have a minion wave but other than that not a big problem. Your goal is to use turrets to tank and back door anyway.
Sgt. Hammer Same as Azmodan but with more kill potential. Less mobility so you can usually just run away.
The Lost Vikings Push all three waves but extremely squishy. If they try to stop you just AA them a couple times and they should have to back off.
Zagara Same as Azmodan but with more kill potential and gank set up with Maw.
  No Threat
Falstad Global fly to jump to you when you are back dooring. Also has enough burst to kill you with one combo.
Jaina A ton of burst to kill you quickly and slow you down. Great wave clear to destroy your waves.
Kael'thas Same as Jaina but with a stun.
  No Threat
The Butcher Scary until you get sprint. He can stick to you really well and keep you from getting away. If he takes lamb to the slaughter you are done for...
Illidan Same as butcher only with a global to jump to you anywhere on the map. Less burst damage than butcher though, so you should have a better chance to escape with sprint.
  No Threat
Nova Nova will completely counter you if she dedicates herself to stopping your back doors. Until you get sprint be very careful.
Zeratul Same as Nova.

Introduction Top

Hello everyone my name is CptnKrayz and I am a Heroes of the Storm player, Youtuber, and Streamer. My current MMR is around 3000 and I have been playing the game since beta release. I mostly play assassins and specialists. I have around a 58% win rate with Gazlowe and he has been one of my favorite heroes since I started playing even though I know he is considered lower tier.

This build is called Secret Agent Gazlowe because it focuses on using turrets to tank towers, forts, and keeps so that you can back door and destroy them with Robo-Goblin. The talents all center around this goal and synergize to make you tanky enough to survive structure damage, deal massive structure damage, and get away from a gank if need be.

This play style requires a lot of map awareness and game IQ. You have to be constantly paying attention to what the enemy team is doing and how they are rotating. You also have to know when to not go to objectives in order to get free time to push structures.

This build is a lot of fun to play and can give your team a massive amount of split pushing power as well as knock key keeps down in order to pressure one lane. I hope you guys try this build out and have fun doing it!

Pros/Cons of this build versus other builds Top

Structure Damage
Free Structures
Wave Clear
Split Pushing

Team Fight Ability
Less Objective Control
Hero Damage

Talent Breakdown Top

Level 1: Demolitionist- This talent is chosen because it gives you bonus damage versus structures and takes ammo from them to make you have to tank less damage while trying to destroy them.

Level 4: Superiority- This talent makes you take less damage from minions, mercs, and structures. It allows you to tank mercs and structures longer and keeps you more healthy while tanking them as well.

Level 7: First Aid- This talent is for the same reason as the one above. Allows you to tank more structure and merc damage and sustain it back up.

Level 10: Robo-Goblin- This is where the build all comes together. This ability gives you a ton of structure damage on AA. This is the heroic that makes the build viable. It allows you to destroy minion waves, merc camps, and structures. This heroic can also allow you to solo boss which is something that not many heroes can do.

Level 13: Sprint- This ability gives you an escape for when people gank you and for when you are caught in sticky situation. Sprint is one of the best escapes on the game

Level 16: Stoneskin- This ability is for the same reason you take first aid and superiority. More tankiness in order to survive meleeing structures and mercs.

Level 20: Hardened Shield- This ability gives you 75% damage reduction. Again more tankiness=more surviability=more auto attacks on structures=tower, fort, and keep kills

Laning Phase Top

Laning phase your objective is to push the waves as hard as you can by moving your turret line up and dropping your satchel charge on the wave. You really want to be able to push hard enough to AA turrets in order to take advantage of Demolitionist. If the enemy is playing forward in the minion wave use your Death Lazer from distance or from a bush to poke. Remember to destroy your turrets with your trait when they are low on health or low on duration to gain some mana back and reduce the cool down.

Level 10 Top

This is when you should start looking to push lanes that the enemy is ignoring. Walk right up to towers and forts and place a turret directly in front of it to tank the damage for you. Auto attack the structures and you will be amazed at how fast you kill them. If there are key objectives like the 3rd tribute, the golem on the Haunted Mines, the immortals on the Battlefield of Eternity (You kill these extremely quickly btw), shrines on Dragon Shire, or the seeds on Garden of Terror, go to them and help your team, but if the fight is lost and you can tell your team won't come out on top quickly switch focus to going for structures or merc camps.

Level 13+ Top

Keep doing what you have been doing. The objectives should be occurring more frequently and you should have gotten some damage in on some structures by now. Now is time to back door. Find routes behind enemy forts and use your turrets to tank and AA's to destroy. This is where you have Sprint so you can play a lot more risky because you have a good chance to escape any gank now. Keep your eyes on the mini map and back off if you think the enemy is going to send multiple people for you. Keep making good rotations and killing structures. Look for chances to take keeps if you can because the pressure created by the catapults will make your job a lot easier in other lanes.

Closing Top

Thanks for reading this guide. It is by no means done. I will continue editing it based on the response I get from the community so let me know what you want to see in the guide. I will add images eventually when I find time to make them.

Here is the link to the video I made about the build for YouTube if any of you want to see the build in action:

I hope you guys enjoy winning games as Secret Agent Gazlowe!!

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