[Sentinel Free Build] Tyrande - "Elune, Give me strength!" by Darkuz

[Sentinel Free Build] Tyrande - "Elune, Give me strength!"

By: Darkuz
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2015
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Build: Competitive DPS Support

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Threats to Tyrande with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur Easy to kill. He may be annoying, yes, but you can search for him with a Sentinel, and just mark him after a lunar flare. Easy kill.
Murky Squishy Murloc! Just avoid his AoE and he's an easy target...even though he comes back to annoy you in less than 5 seconds.
Azmodan An over sized squishy demon with no means to escape. Show him what the Priestess of the Moon can do with the power of Elune shining around her!
Li Li The only means of escape of this Panda can be the hasty feet. Be careful, though. She may be not much of a threat towards YOU, but it must be a priority target since she is quirky and helps her teammates with ease. Also, her winds can make your Basic attack useless if armed correctly.
Gazlowe Galzowe's towers will be no issue, since you do not pull or target to stun like a tank. Your primary spell of use will come in handy a lot to stun him. Be careful, though. He can easily escape from your hands.
Brightwing Brightwing's an annoying nuisance when messed with, but she's not a damage dealer, and she barely haves mobility if the sprint talent is ignored. You can easily target her and put her down...just be careful if she turns you into an animal.
Malfurion Ironically how Tyrande's boyfriend means any harm towards her. With his easy manners to immobilize you and help his teammates in trouble, you must take care of him. He can easily escape from you, and kill you if getting the chance with his teammates.
Sgt. Hammer The Sargent won't be much of a trouble for you, but she can deal quite of a pinch of damage if you're not careful enough. You can grab her and destroy her with ease if you catch her in siege mode. Avoid for her to transform back into the regular mode and BOOM! She's dead.
  No Threat
Illidan This assassin will be a wasp hard to take down. You don't have as much of resistance as an actual assassin, and since you are a support, you'll be targeted as much as any. If targeted, try your best to stun him and seek aid of your teammates.
Nazeebo Nazeebo is quite a threat towards you. He can deal a huge ordeal of damage and this is the kind of hero you do not want to mess with alone. But, he has no stuns and with a set Lunar Flare you can escape his predictable zombies. Plus, you can easily stun him when he starts his Ulti and damage him alongside of the team.
Zeratul Same as Nova, but he deals less damage since he cannot burst.
The Lost Vikings They are three, not one, and their kills count as Murky's, plus they revive quickly. Be careful to always target them with AoE, and not single-hand (If you pick Starfall talent, perfect.)
Diablo This lord of terror is going to be one of your worst nightmares. Two stuns and many ways to set you aside from your enemies. Avoid soloing him or having few companions. Have an assassin near you if you want to kill him, since you make him vulnerable with a single mark.
Nova This is one you should worry about. Nova will target you if you're over extending or she sees you as a menace to their team. Hit her with a sentinel or mark her so she can't go back to being invisible, and help the team to destroy her. Just...try to not target her clone.
Valla What can be said? You can't kill her alone, let alone escape without aid. Be careful in the field is this hero is in it.
Tychus Same as Valla, Tychus is a tough nut to crack. You can deal a big ordeal of damage to both, but not enough to kill them. Don't try to pick at them on your own, or else you'll die easily.
Stitches If you go alone, you're dead. One hook and you're done for. If you get hooked, try to squish out by either stunning or desperately using your Q.

First. Who the heck are you? Top

Hello, I'm Darkuz. You may know me for some Hero league matches, or many quick matches. I'm a venezuelian player and marked as the best Lili in Venezuela at the Heroes of the Storm national Venezuelan group, where all the Venezuelans which play are. If you are one, don't hesitate to join!
I've got a few mains (One which includes Tychus) and I simply play this game all the time (or when I can...heheh.)

But let's not get sidetracked here. Onto the guide!

Introduction Top

Tyrande, the Priestess of the Moon, comes from the Warcraft series as an important part of the Night elf race and is a support class which can work very differently than most people think. She can work as Tassadar does in damage, and can deal it pretty well. Sure, the only AoE she haves is one, but that applies to Tassadar as well, doesn't it?~

-She can do great damage, being a support.
-Can stun with ease heroes in an area.
-Her talent makes heroes vulnerable and disables cloaks for stealth heroes.
-Great ulti's which can work in all the maps.
-Helpful talents which can make her lean to any side as desired by the player.
-Can be really useful at team fights.

-Lack of mobility until LVL 20 (Yes, Lunar Flare helps to escape, but doesn't add that much mobility)
-Easy target
-Since she's support, if found as a menace, will be targeted more often throughout the game.
-Can be killed easily.
-Hard to use Early game.
-Can run out of mana with ease if used incorrectly.

And before we go on.

In the official forums, people said "OMG DIS GAID DA WORS!!!!" Because they thought the way they arm it is better, which makes me say the following: "Tyrande is like a druid in World of Warcraft. Her talent branches can let her support as the player means to support."

Now, I must say this to the people which consider the sentinel build best; That build is great! But this is one for people who rather to deal damage and help the team with basic attacks and Lunar flare rather with just the W. To be honest? I've used this one and it's proven (at least to me) to be more useful than the sentinel guide. Like that Raynor guide where all you upgrade is your Basic attack speed? This is something similar.

So keep an open mind and actually read the guide through! You may think this guide is "da wors" or for beginners, but just give it a try! Anyhow, If it is for Beginners, why flame on it if you can teach someone to use Tyrande with it? ;P

NOTE: Just because it says "Sentinel Free" up there, doesn't mean this handy ability will go to waste. It only means it won't be upgraded. You'll still use it, but not as much.

Abilities Top

Q(Light of Elune)
Tyrande's first ability and what makes her a support. Sincerely, it hasn't proven to me to be quite useful. I just use it to escape from a tight situation or help my teammates to do the same; So it can be handy, but not to waste mana with.



Throw other heroes a nature's Sentinel created by Tyrande's magic. It can become more handy than the healing, since it's a global-travel missile which can hit enemies from afar, give vision and reveal enemies who get hit...even by accident! ;D.

E(Lunar Flare)


After a quick delay, this lunar AoE will hit your enemies for quite a quantity of damage and will stun them for enough to hit them badly! This is one spell you will be using A LOT within this build.

D(Hunter's mark)


Marks a target enemy, increasing all damage taken by 25% and revealing them for 4 seconds. Pretty neat, huh? Something other heroes must wait for a talent to arrive at certain level, Tyrande can already do it and more! This is something you'll constantly use within this build. And, since it costs no mana, it's really helpful and useful.

Talents Top

RANGER'S MARK: YES! This is the talent I mostly recommend for this build, hence you will be using the mark a lot! Drop down to a short cooldown and show your enemies no mercy!

CELESTIAL ATTUNEMENT: NO! You'll barely use the ability if you're not going heal spec, don't waste a tier on it! Plus, all the talents that boost this ability are not helpful, at all.

PIERCE: Situational I'd only pick this talent if all the team is shown to go together, or there's always more than two in one lane. If you're confident of your throwing abilities, pick it.

SEASONED MARKSMAN: Yes! A great talent if you are going to boost your Basic Attack! Personally, I pick the mark because I use it more often, but, Seasoned Marksman is a GREAT choice as well!

OVERFLOWING LIGHT: NO! Another waste of a talent. 90% to HEAL as a healer? Really? Only proves to show how much of Tyrande can heal... No to this one.

EMPOWER: Yes! In this build you will be hanging onto your Lunar flare and your mark a lot. Since Sentinel is something you'll periodically use as well, make it of use for your boosts!

PROTECTIVE SHIELD: Situational As Tassadar, Tyrande gets on her talent tree a choice to shield your friends or yourself. If you want to support a little more, I'd say to pick this talent, since it's helpful!

SEARING ARROWS: A MUST TAKE! For this build, Searing attack is one priority, since you will be helping a lot with the damage with your arrows. Why not boost your Basic attack too? 25% of vulnerability on the enemy thanks to the Mark WITH a 40% boost to yourself? It's amazing and something I truly recommend!

HEALING WARD: Situational If you lack of crowd control (or a good healer...), this may come in handy to keep your team alive in maps like the Cursed Hollow and such. Not my favorite pick for Tyrande, but it is there if you wish to help in matters of healing.

QUICKENING BLESSING: Situational To help your partners in a pinch, or you to have mobility, this could be the cake. It boosts your speed and it heals (a bit...). I rarely pick it, but if you want to, go ahead.

SHROUD: NO! This one is an useless perk. If you want to cloak people, Shadowstalk's the best. Plus, the cloak only lasts for enough to walk three centimeters and it can be easily broken if still targeted or in sight. It doesn't work on you and if your partner has full health...so it's useless.

TRUESHOT AURA: Yes! This is my pick when most of my teammates are ranged users. It's great to use when you are asides ranged allies such as Valla, Tychus, Nazz, etc.

BATTLE MOMENTUM: YES! This one is better than the Empower talent, since your cooldowns will get reduced as long as you keep attacking. More lunar flares and marks to use quicker!

CALLDOWN M.U.L.E: Meh... This little guy can only become in handy in rare situations, and to fix the core if it's getting damaged...but I wouldn't recommend it. Most of the time, the other team is slaying the core, and can slay this little guy with ease as well.

STARFALL: Yes! Amazing for team fights or to keep people away from something or from you. It can deal great damage and it's AoE. Sadly, it has one flaw: It's easily avoidable. Still, it renders to be completely useful, mostly in team fights over something (Like tributes ;P)

SHADOWSTALK: Yes! A great way to hide ALL your team, for them to gank others or make a surprise attack. Make a Valla or a Tychus into a temporal Nova with this! It's also useful to approach places which you must control, like the Sky temples or the Shrines at Dragonshire.

LUNAR BLAZE: Yes! Not only it increases the range that you deal with this, but also it increases the area by a huge ordeal! It's not waves like Jaina's blizzard, so this talent can become truly handy. It's one I pick a lot.

SHRINK RAY: Situational This could come in handy when there are nuisances you and your teammates want to get rid of. I'd pick it only in situations that I need it.

PURGING MARK: Situational It may be kind of useless since you will be wasting a good talent in this tier, but it can also help destroy structures since you will make them 25% more vulnerable, also good to be cast on the core.

SPRINT: YES! One talent I also advice on picking. It grants amazing mobility and a great chance either to hunt or escape. It is really helpful!

RANGER: NO! A waste of a talent if you are not going Sentinel build. You're focusing more on how much you can deal and do in team fights, plus you'll miss on great talents in this tier.

SHOOTING STAR: Situational If you'd rather use the lunar flare more than your mark and your basic attack to deal damage, then this is the talent for you. It can come in handy with the combination of Lunar Blaze, since you'll be having more range and damage on the skill. Still, I prefer updating the mark on this tier.

MARK OF MENDING: Yes! It works like Vampiric Attack, but asides from you having it, all your team haves it. It lasts 4 seconds, but it's still a talent worth picking if you want to heal yourself and let your partners do as well.

HUNTRESS'S FURY: A MUST TAKE! Imagine how quick your cooldowns will recharge with Battle Momentum AND how much damage you could deal with Searing Attacks with this baby in your arsenal! What does it do? Raise your attack speed by 40%! With those two babies behind this loaded weapon, nothing will stop you from quickly performed stuns, quick recharging abilities and huge damage in one sitting! A perfect talent if you're upgrading the mark!

CELESTIAL WRATH: NO! Global range and 30% more damage sounds neat, but believe me, it isn't.

HUNTER'S PREY: YES! It not only increases your speed while cloaked, but also works as the Windwalk in Warcraft 3: You hit 100% more damage at decloak (if you're the one hitting first). This could work excellent for you and your teammates to do a perfect gank, and it's one of the coolest updates for an ulti.

REWIND: Meh... It lowers your cooldowns for a price of a high cooldown, and it only works on basic abilities, not the heroic ability. You already do that and more with Battle momentum and Huntress's fury, so, if you wish to pick it...think of what you're doing.

STORM SHIELD: Situational This could come in handy a lot in a team fight or a core destruction since you give a powerful shield to all your allies for enough time to already do a lot of damage. Yet, it can also mean your demise most of the occasions if used incorrectly or at the wrong time.

BOLT OF THE STORM: A MUST TAKE! What can I say that hasn't been said before?~ It works AWESOME on EVERY hero which has it and adds a lot of mobility. It's a free blink!

Early, mid, and Late game Top

To not waste time on writing, I'll sum it up.
-Early game is where Tyrande can die the most
-Stay always with your allies, since you can die quickly.
-Avoid using a lot of mana, restrain from using sentinel or the healing often.
-ALWAYS mark the enemies your teammates are targeting.
-Here you'll be harder to kill, but still, stay grouped.
-Stay behind your teammates, deal damage with them, and be sure to mark the enemies being targeted!
-Don't waste ulti a lot, and if Shadowstalk was picked, use it at the perfect moment.
-You'll deal more damage at this phase, but don't get cocky, you're not an assassin!
-Now you deal more than enough damage to look like an assassin, but again, don't get too cocky, a Valla can top you with ease!
-Stay grouped, always. You're a support, you'll be targeted.
-You can now damage with the help of at least one assassin or healer.
-You will now have more mobility, and you can hunt easier and escape easier.
-Did I mention "Always mark"?

Final thoughts/Thank you! Top

I've always used Tyrande like this, and the only times I've lost it's because my teammates didn't either fulfill the objectives or one person feeds a lot. The rest, I've always won, and topped damage alongside with the true assassins (I usually stay at 2nd or 3rd place of most damage. Tyrande is a support, what can you expect.)

Tyrande is underrated when it comes to damage, but I actually started liking her better than Tassadar. A good T*** is impossible to kill, yes, but also a Good Tyrande is impossible to kill as well!

Don't underestimate the priestess of the moon!

I hope you enjoyed and you found helpful my Tyrande guide, I just felt like this should be spread so people can actually change their opinions of "TYRANDE ONLY HAS ONE DMG BUILD AND DATS SENTINEL!!!!"

Sentinel build's fine, and it's really good, but I prefer being more aggressive alongside my teammates than constantly pulling back and forth.

Thank you for reading!~

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