Siege Specialist by whizzy

Siege Specialist

By: whizzy
Last Updated: Apr 2, 2015
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Early go for towers. Some maps let you get behind enemy lines and you'll get in unnoticed. but you'll stun and take ammo away from towers taking one or two hits. evade once tower is destroyed other team will be alearted.

Mid keep on towers note like on mines know what path your goleum takes focus on that lane. giants merc camps are easy alternate between "Q & A" two hits with "A" target other minion switch back and forth you'll take no damage. Tier 3 is tricky but with Unstable poison it will clear a creep wave with a "W" followed by "E" OP! or go for LIFE DRAIN for survivability or go with Merc LORD if team is useing merc camps.

Tier 4 Possession is very cool however team mate just kill stuff and you can kill crEep too easy.

Late game when you don't have any more towers/Tier 5 GO FOR HERO DAMAGE STUFF

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