Siege/Utility Tassadar by Goldenglory

Siege/Utility Tassadar

By: Goldenglory
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2015
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Build: Tassadar

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Tier 1 Top

You can run this build in any lane, you want to be using your Psionic Storm to push down the minion waves, if you can land it on the enemy laners at the same time you should. As Tassadar whilst you have mana you can push with impunity due to Plasma Shield and Dimensional Shift being able to help you escape ganks. With the psi infusion talent you should be able tp keep up a fairly healthy mana bar whilst being an effective wave clear machine.

Tier 2 Top

Whilst Oracle can be immensely useful it relies on your team paying attention to things other than themselves or to your communication which is unlikely. The leaching plasma talent is helpful both if you want to Help your assassins peel from being dove on or if used upon yourself when caught in a 1 v 1 or doing a mercenary camp. You will want to continue to push down minion waves with your Psionic Storm throughout the entire game where you are unable to group up with your team.

Tier 3 Top

Static Charge is KEY to Tassadar's damage and synergises so well with the previous two talents as it will allow Tassadar to deal more damage with his auto attacks whilst spamming Psionic Storm which he is able to do due to his tier 1 talent.

Tier 4 Top

Force wall gives you the ability to single-handedly win a team fight. if you can separate their assassins from warriors this can be completely invaluable. Useful for chasing team fighting and objective control this is an incredibly useful ability that gives Tassadar incredible utility both in lane and out.

Tier 5 Top

This tier is all about utility, Shrink Ray is just another tool to do something that you are already good at with your Force Wall, Plasma Shield and Dimensional Sift. Distortion Beam helps you peel for your assassins as well as chase and synergises well with Static charge as it will help you to keep enemies within range for Psionic Storm and potential follow up force walls.

Tier 6 Top

Psionic Storm now slows so you can get in even more auto attacks whilst they are vulnerable to them, this will also help you set up void wall and provide utility for team fights.

Tier 7 Top

Moar Walls.

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