Slime Time - 200,000+ siege damage build by Crosser

Slime Time - 200,000+ siege damage build

By: Crosser
Last Updated: May 22, 2015
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Build: Slime Time

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The point of this build is to max out Murkys slime which can be cast every 4 seconds and then later on every 3 seconds. Which is great because Murkys abilities dont use mana. So we can use this as much as we want. A big part of this build is Living the life which boosts our abilities 25% when maxed out. In order to keep this bonus we need to stay alive which is why we will be grabbing Bubble Breeze as well as Rejuvinating Bubble to make sure we get away and survive when in trouble to keep our DPS as high as we can at all times.

Bubble breeze helps you get away early game more consistently, which will help us keep our ability bonus next level with living the dream.

Living the dream will increase our DPS in the long run and work well when spamming slime.

Slime advantage will increase your damage per second and since we can use this every 4 seconds we will be doing much more damage than upgrading puffer fish which has a HUGE 15 second cool down.

March of the Murlocs is the Ultimate of choice since we are not focusing on kills with this build, but siege damage. It also helps cut off enemy retreats if you get behind them and unleash the mayhem.

Continuous slime will let us spam slime even faster at level 13. We will be doing 332.50 per slime on top of our auto attack doing 225 per hit because we selected Slime Advantage which does 100% extra damage to slimed targets. thats 4255 damage in 16 seconds as opposed to 585 damage per puffer fish every 15 seconds which can be destroyed...

Rejuvenating Bubble keeps us alive making sure we keep our bonus from Living the Dream. It also helps tank bosses and mercenaries when helping the team capture.

Rewind gives us 2 puffer fish right away as well as an emergency bubble if we need another one to get out of dodge.

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