Slimesand Murky by DIProgan

Slimesand Murky

By: DIProgan
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2016
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People requested my level 20 Murky build so here it is. Extra slime area makes your impact so much bigger both in lanes and teamfights. Your primary job besides the octograb is to take your extra slow slime and fart away in the center of the fight. Those 8 seconds can be very hard to deal with even if Murky himself dies. It's not rare to get kills on assassins that thought their mobility would save them and that Murky was not much of a threat. The block and blood for blood lets murky live long enough sometimes. Just be an annoying pest, get in, get out. Wear them down. Don't bother too much with ganks in the beginning, instead ride in and place good puffer fishes on the minionwaves. Have your egg in a reasonable distance to fights but not too close. Big minionwaves are cleared in no time so be the first to see them. You will annoy gardenterrors and dragons to no end with your slow and be the first choice to ride them too.

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