small, everywhere and OP by HilgerLord

small, everywhere and OP

By: HilgerLord
Last Updated: Jun 9, 2015
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Build: Funkelchen Support

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The Guide Top

- this support guide for funkelchen is working on every map !
- if you want to try something crazy queue up with a friend hero league, tell your team they should pick two only dmg champs and one more or less tank with some dmg and pick funkelchen and lili ... as long as you both dont get stunned for hours your team will never die in teamfights !

How to play Top

- keep your eyes on the map and use your teleport to be present everywhere
- poke and kite with your AA and Q but watch your mana !
- use your envenom only to execute enemys in teamfights !
- never go back ! even if u have 0 mana ... let your passive flow and wait for the next Healing Fountains and collect regeneration balls
- even if u have skilled critterize on your W use it to take the most annoying hero out of the fight for a few secounds

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