Smooth's Brightwing (healer ) by smooth

Smooth's Brightwing (healer )

By: smooth
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2015
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Build: Build #1 for maps with hardley any mercs

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Threats to Brightwing with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Nazeebo Just watch out for Zombie walls and polymorph gargantuan.if using spirit polymorph the witchdoctor to stop casting
Malfurion Watch out for roots
Li Li Polymorph when she cast jug of 1,000 cups
Jaina watch out for the ring of frost it will slow you for the enemy to kill you.
  No Threat
Zagara Do not get caught in her 3 bug roll
Illidan do not underestimate illidan!!!!! polymorph and run.

My go to build and alittle info about me Top

This is a build I run usually.some things I switch up depending on what map I am running and who I am running with. Ive been playing since early alpha,this is my first guide (go easy on me LOL), I only main support heroes.I have played them all.Now my build is gonna be revolved around running with a partner or a friend.being either a tank or pure damage hero.But this is a guide on how I like to build my hero. This is my first guide.

Talent #1 Shield Dust size or Bribe (Early Game) Top

Shield Dust
During This time I like to use my pixie dust on my team member I am with in a lane.While I destroy minions they will focus the enemy hero.Once the minions are dead I will then help focus down the enemy hero and help.Now using arcane flare and pixie dust it will cost some mana but I save my teleport for when I really need let me explain just in case you and your team member go into bottom lane all enemy heroes go top I can instantly teleport to the group that needs help.

(Some times I will help destroy the enemy heroes first then go for the minions afterward.Depends on who the enemy hero is aka Zagara as in example.)
This is my go to when i have a lot of mercs on a map I usually save up for 2 and use them on the closest Siege giants camp.

Talent #4 Protective shield Top

Protective Shield
Now i choose this talent because Pixie Dust only blocks.Once i cast this i will then proceed to cast a Protective shield on them if they are losing health fast or if there is more than one enemy hero.but as they are fighting the enemy hero you should be throwing Arcane Flare on the enemy hero while you are attacking the wizard minion.This is important not only are you healing every 5 sec with Soothing Mist but when you kill the wizard he will drop a health globe that you can collect to help with healing as well.I recommend using Polymorph as needed. Watch the enemy hero for re-enforcement If I see a enemy hero coming to help I will then use Polymorph on them just so I can get a little extra time without them attacking my team member.

Talent #7 Regenerative Rains (Make it rain) Mid Game Top

Regenerative Rains
I choose this one almost always you cant beat the fact every time you use a basic ability Soothing Mist activates BUT with 50 percent effectiveness.The reason why I choose this one is because I am attacking other targets and passively healing and can focus on attacking the wizard or enemy hero, or placing a shield or pixie dust on a team member. Gust of Healing Can be useful if you have another support with you.

Talent #10 Emerald Wind (Wind and Rain make for nasty weather) Top

Emerald Wind
This talent can be a life saver....if used correctly. Best time I use it is when a team member is about to get overrun by enemy's. I will use it on a wave to push them back so you or who ever is being persuade to give them so room especially if its a melee chasing them.

Talent # 13 Phase shield Top

Phase Shield
This I find is a must have.If you play Brightwing Then you know he does not have a mount. He can teleport to Team members.Once you hearth back to get mana or health after a heavy fight you teleport to a team member they will receive a Phase Shield. A handy talent to have IMHO.

Talent #16 Critterize or Hardened Focus (Situational) Top

This talent bracket for me is situational. I will either choose Hardened Focus or Critterize.
especially when the odds are in your favor then hey 25% more damage to the target and your team mates make the enemy into hamburger. Best time I use this is about when Illidan pops Metamorphosis or Li Li uses Jug of 1,000 Cups
Hardened Focus
For Hardened Focus is nice it will help with the passive Soothing Mist & Pixie Dust & Protective Shield.just remember you have to be NEAR full health.This means a lot of teleporting back and forth. Be careful you don't end up teleporting away when your team mates need you most.

Talent #20 Storm Shield Top

Storm Shield
I pick this one for end game a lot of pushing going on and you should be by team mates.When I see a spike in multiple friendlies I will pop this or when we push the core.

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