Sonya Selfish Assassin sieger by FarBreaker

Sonya Selfish Assassin sieger

By: FarBreaker
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2015
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Build: Sonya Extreme sieging build

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About Me Top

Hey People,

I'm a "veteran" of HoTS and, some weeks ago I bought Sonya just 'cause she was cheap and wanted a new champ to deal with, the build I found searching on the net weren't enough for my bloodthirst, feeling like Sonya was able to do more so made some test (about 4 days of testing) and got this thing here hope you like it. :D

Prologue Top

This guide is just a personal way to play this champ so I'll do my best to make you understand why some stuff can look so strange.

Pros :

Good siege and player DMG
High self defenses/healing
Almost without nodmg moments
Good in teamfight and some useful CC
Also good in jungling (soloing bosses is actually possibile)


Apparently no fast escape from the fight (you have to be sure on what to do and when)
Need a brain-equipped team to work best

The build Top

As first talent I suggest : Block that's 'cause it allows you to "evade" the first two strikes of an enemy champ and that can be a good thing if you have to do a fast kill with suffer too much and also because Sonya has the damages so she just need to resist a bit more.


LV.4 talent for me is always Boon of the Ancients 'cause it's a skill that you really need to use in combo with the ULT. and it's a very good engage with a "good" damage you can use it also to travel faster.


LV.7 talent is almost the best talent ever for this champ (in my opinion) so i choose Ferocious Healing I just love that talent, very cheap in terms of fury ,has a poor CD just 10 secs, provides a good healing (10% of total Max Health) and it can be used while you're Whirlwinding hard to add an extra healing burst to the Whirling one


This one is a forced decision for me Wrath of the Berserker just OK ... time to do serious sieging and trading enemies, it also very good as burst to solo the jungle and it provides the great stun time reduction of 50% lees time.
To get the best effect of this skill I think you should not whirlwind that much because you'll slow down your fury generation so that's why the spam of the Ancient's Spear and the Vicious Healing just try to keep a good fury generation/consuption and you'll get rid of the very short CD of this skill (45 secs).


LV. 13 I decided to pick Life Funnel to make easier to survive in hard teamfight,it's very situational but I often choose that one.


LV. 16 We'll have another defensive talent, Nerves of Steel it allows you to just get in the middle of the action and get rid of the damage but YOU'RE NOT AN HIGHLANDER just remember this.


LV.20 The Last one .
For the T7 talent i have to option for you the first is : Nexus Blades and the other one is Hardened Skin
my first choice is Nexus Blades 'cause it provides and additional damage that is always a good thing, I use the other talent just in case the enemy team is full of Assassins and your defenses are not enough to land your strikes where it matters.

Conclusion Top

Hey guys, we're at the end of this guide I know it's quite short but I was on hurry when I wrote it, in these days I promise to add the description of playstyle and some suggested things to do in every single map 'till that see guys thx for passing by.
-Farbreaker aka Nefarian(HoTS)

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