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Space Slam Sonya

By: Sollar
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2015
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Space Slam Sonya Introduction Top

Hey guys,

Space Slam Sonya Sonya guide for me personally is the most damage effective guide available, it enables her to deal as much damage as the rest of the classes, even being considered a 'tank' class.

The full video on this guide is located here:
Important things to remember:
- Always make sure to check out the opposition team, 9/10 I see people playing Sonya who will jump in and trash bash the living **** out of the opponent, however little do they know a Zeratul, Nova or Abuthar ambush is waiting for them because they have pushed too hard.
- If it is a 1v2 situation, don't jump in alone and hope your whirlwind can heal you up, you may get stunned and you will get #rekt

Early Game Top

Early Game
BUILD UP RAGE! This will help you get some damage off early, auto attack but don't over commit!!!

Poke and prod away at your opponent, if you are laned 1v1, try to poke and prod and heal up off whirlwind on minions and health globes, also look to utilise the healing fountain early so that it will be up again for an actual team fight.

If you are laned 2v2, try to utilise combinations, such as heroes that can stun or even knockback, if you have enough rage you should be able to get some decent amounts of early game damage off. If you are with a healer don't think you are conan the barbarian and can jump in and they will save you, HEALERS HAVE COOLDOWNS TOO!

Aim at getting during EARLY GAME:
- Shot of Fury:
This will help you have a shot of rage to dump on an enemy hero, 2 Siesmic Slams or even a good whirlwind for some heals.

- Furious Blow:
This will increase the cost however deal more damage so make sure you use this wisely!

- Shattered Ground:
Splash damage, this will help in a team fight if they bunch up, SLAM SPAM!

Mid Game Top

Mid Game
Try to set up ganks with your spears and roam lanes, look to also capture camps as you are able to Whirlwind and heal up! MAKE SURE TO PING targets to let your team know what the heck you are doing! Unless you have voice comms then that's all good!

Mid Game Aims:
- Leap
Enables you to leap into or out of battle if need be, leaping in can help you get the quick break on someone, or leaping out if you are about to die

- Aftershock


- Spell Shield

Either of these picks Mid Game will suit the build, extra damage output or survival, ties will with , however obviously has good synergy with and can easily pump out a number of

End Game Top

End Game
In the end game you are hopefully fighting as a team, taking camps and taking down your opponents.

End Game Aims:
- Stoneskin
This will boost your health up and enable you to be in the fight for longer! Get in there and kick ***!!

- Arreat Crater
Single out their DPS carry or even create a body blocking situation, the body blocking tactic can seperate their team for your team to pick off.

Practice Top


Like any other champ, you will not get good without practice. Reading a strategy guide is one thing, to actually emulate one or to even get comfortable with a Hero is another. Keep practicing and have fun!

Enjoy guys

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