Stoned Zagara by HotsMasterJ

Stoned Zagara

By: HotsMasterJ
Last Updated: May 11, 2015
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Build: Stoned Zagara

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Who is HotsMasterJ? Top

I am just an average gamer that enjoys playing hots. Been playing since Alpha. I also enjoy (being from the NW) some greenery. My guides are setup for the one who enjoys gaming on another level :P Fun builds that allow you to enjoy the character and thus the game more! Got a Youtube channel as well as streaming on twitch at go vids and streams. Let's Begin!

Pros and Cons Top

    Map Sight (Long as you put creep down you will have vision.)
    Her minions rock! (Great for laning or fights.)
    Camps (she can take them.)
    Just as strong pvp as she is pve

    No Escape unless talented
    Squishy (She's a bug what you expect.)

Early Game Top

Push which ever lane you are on. Be aggressive unless they got roamers like Nova or Zert. If they have roamers don't overextend. Be there for team fights, objectives and race to 10.

Mid Game Top

Level 10 Grats! Team fights and objectives are your priority. If you are waiting on team mates then lane. I like to hit a lane with banglings and roaches on my way to objectives. Remember you are a ranged character, so try your best to stay ranged.

Late Game Top

It's all about team fights. Roll with the team and do you best to put the pressure on the other team with picking squishy targets for your hunter killers. Use Maw as you see fit to either escape or help the team. I like to do my best to Maw the heals while the rest is out. Stuff like this with your Maw makes it a huge part of any team fight. Start the course and before you know it the screen will flash with VICTORY!

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