Stutter Stepping Hammer by A.R.M.

Stutter Stepping Hammer

By: A.R.M.
Last Updated: Aug 13, 2017
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Sgt. Hammer

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Your Stutter Stepping Hammer, you should never be mounted unless it is guaranteed safe.

Bait out the bad hammer counter picks of stiches, chromie, ming, etc.

    Long autoattack range with decently high damage
    Can outlane virtually anyone 1v1 once you hit level 4 (autoattacks heal)
    Can still Siege if the opponent is ignoring you or you need to safely hold your towers and gate due to being outnumbered and pre-4
    Half Mage (Napalm) and Half Autoattack... with a decent health pool and anti-dive (cc)... great tri/quad-brid

    Large Hitbox
    Inability to mount

Use Thrusters to get to lane, but it is a gamble to be aggressive until you have them up again...

I would not modify the build, but if I had to I would change the level 13 talent to Barricade vs Butcher on a narrow pathway map like curse... just to **** with him and his charge... but seriously... the spider mine knock-back is godlike... especially with 5 spider mines... one can have up to three minefields out at once if 1 is being diligent in putting them out... makes any dive heroes hat their life... such as valeera, zeratul, genji, illidin, etc. It gives you great survivability, plus the mines slow, thus free napalm and autoattack hits. Babble Babble

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