Suck to win! by Kraytix

Suck to win!

By: Kraytix
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2015
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this works best with a Duo partner Top

This build allows you to chase down and lock in kills. Best used with a ranged/mage/assassin partner. (We use Johanna and jaina cause all her spells slow) By leveling your W every chance you get, you give your self extra damage and a stun when hitting minions and jungle creeps. Allowing you to solo them. I.E. Doubloons level and sand temple. This makes you a little less tanky but provides great cc and more cooldowns. You can one shot minion waves comboing w+q. This also allows you to kill enemy brusier and seige minons Faster, if the enemy team is spawning them.

Run down. Top

When at Max level, you will start by popping w, granting you increased movement speed. Also, however many people are caught in your suck back reduces the cool down by that much. (One champ equals one second. So if you grab five reduce it by five.) Your fifth talent level should be your armor passive trait (D key) For those of you who played league this turns you into a thornmail. (Returned damage). I skill the captain America shield throw because it works better with chasing instead of missing your mandrop you can suck in champs and if they have escape potential you can lockem up with the bouncing shield stun. Not going to claim that this is the best build but it is defiantly fun. And once you learn your limits it can be very scary! Have fun and happy hunting.

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