Super Gazlowe (Welcome to the Jungle!) by Drothvader

Super Gazlowe (Welcome to the Jungle!)

By: Drothvader
Last Updated: Sep 9, 2015
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Build: You're in the Jungle, Baby!

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Preliminary Build Info Top

So here's a basic breakdown of some of the build choices here.

This build is more or less meant as a jungling build for Rexxar as I feel he actually surpasses Gazlowe in terms of jungling ability, and unlike Gazlowe, Rexxar has multiple functions.

Bosses can be soloed as low as level 8 and at level 10, you should have absolutely no issues with any merc camp or boss on the map.

This is my first guide on Heroesfire so I'm not quite up to speed with all of the coding conventions. I will update this guide in my spare time as I make tweaks to his playstyle. I am by no means a professional player, but I felt I wanted to share this build / playstyle with those who might find Rexxar a little harder to control.

Tier 1 Top

For the first tier, I generally go with Hunter-Gatherer although Grizzled Bear can be a good choice here as well. Basically, it boils down to personal preference as to whether or not you want to lane as well.

Another good choice here is Flare if you find you're up against stealthies so you can catch them before they kill you and steal your boss.

Tier 2 Top

The second tier is an obvious choice if you want to jungle with Rexxar. You can go with Crippling Talons if you feel you need to team-fight more often, but Easy Prey is an absolute must to have the staying power to solo bosses on your own.

Tier 3 Top

The third tier talent, Bird of Prey allows you to almost instantly wipe out a lane or a bruiser camp with relative ease. Not to mention that this talent works exceptionally well on bosses.

Tier 4 Top

I don't know about other people, but I can't really seem to find much use for Unleash the Boars other than maybe situationally slowing down an entire enemy team. However, with Bestial Wrath you can easily take down a boss camp without even breaking a sweat.

Tier 5 Top

Wildfire Bear allows you to easily take out lanes of enemies and bruiser camps more quickly. This talent is also exceptionally useful for the Haunted Mines.

You can, if you wish, take Thrill of the Hunt if you feel like you need to chase down heroes better, but if you find that you're not team-fighting that often you can easily go with Wildfire Bear.

Tier 6 Top

This choice is entirely up to you, but if you need to stay alive while your team comes to your rescue, take Feign Death. Feign Death also allows you full control over Misha so you can feel free to pick off an enemy even at low health.

The other choice is Primal Intimidation. This is more useful than Feign Death if you find your team will almost never come to your rescue as it allows you to get away safely. Players are almost always going to attack something and if they attack Misha, then they're not going to catch up to you.

Tier 7 Top

Again, the preference is totally up to you. Your Tier 4 Ultimate is useful on its own, but Spirit Bond will allow you to heal yourself when you crucially need it toward the end of the game. Possibly more useful as a defensive ability, but also can be used offensively as it gives you a 50% duration extension on Bestial Wrath.

Frenzy of Kalimdor on the other hand will make chasing that much easier, especially if you did not take Crippling Talons in the previous tier.

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