Rexxar : understanding Misha's AI by Rengi

Rexxar : understanding Misha's AI

By: Rengi
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2015
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Introduction Top

Hello everyone,

Most of us are still figuring out how Misha's AI works as the duo Rexxar and Misha have a brand new gameplay. So why not study the matter in depth and make a guide to figure it out!

It's my first guide and I've just refactored it to make it shorter and more to the point, let me know what you think and vote for it if you fancy :-)

Without further delay let's dive into Misha's artificial brain.

Basic behavior Top

Pathfinding : the art of getting lost

Misha can take another path than you to reach a location, target or when you call her back, this depends on your positioning and on the obstacles on her way :
- She takes the shortest path
- If the shortest path goes through the enemy team ... she'll go through
- If Rexxar is CC and she is on the move, she will not wait for him
- Needless to say, she can be CC

Keep up the pace : Misha's variable movement speed

Misha can move faster when she is near Rexxar, that allows her to position between him and the target :
- It happens when Rexxar is between her and the right click location
- It is about a 10-20% speed increase
- It can be used to position her in front of a target while chasing
- It can play against you when fleeing as she will move in front of Rexxar and expose him to your pursuers (as mentioned by Whiskeybuda)

Passive mode : Misha stays near you and do not fight

- Right clicks tell Misha where to go
- Misha doesn't attack enemies when you do
- Misha will attack what is in her melee range

Active mode : follow and attack until you right click a target

- Misha goes where you right click
- Misha will auto attack the same target as Rexxar
- When Rexxar auto engage a target, Misha will move to it and attack too
- Misha will not engage if you go through a minion wave without attacking
- Misha will stick to a target when you right click it (see below)

Specific behavior Top

Leashed : Misha is too far

- Triggers automatically when Misha is 3/4 of the screen away from you
- Misha comes back ALL THE WAY to you
- You cannot control her until she reaches you
- Doesn't toggle Rexxar's trait

Battle mode : after right clicking a target

- Misha will NOT follow right clicks to move
- Right clicks on enemies or neutral units tell Misha and Rexxar to attack that target
- Right clicks anywhere else will only move Rexxar
- Moving Rexxar and using A + left click (not on a target) you get him to attack someone else

Misha, Charge! : automatic mode switch

In passive mode :
- Rexxar's trait toggles to
- Misha will switch to active mode
In active mode :
- This will not change the behavior of Misha
In battle mode :
- This will not change the behavior of Misha

What to expect when right clicking Top

Passive mode

Active mode

Battle mode
Right click on Terrain
Right click on Enemy
Battle mode
Right click on Neutral
Battle mode

About death and experience Top

When Misha dies :
- She will respawn after 15s
- She will be back at your location no matter how much you moved
- The cooldown is displayed on the trait of Rexxar and

Experience on death :
- Rexxar dies, Misha dies too : 100% experience
- Misha dies : 25% experience
- Rexxar dies while Misha is dead : 75% experience

Final words Top

I hope you enjoyed this guide and that it brought some insight to the understanding of Misha's AI.

I wish you all a pleasant day :-)

History log

2015-10-10: Added section "Keep up the pace : Misha's variable movement speed"
2015-09-13 : added technique to attack 2 different targets using battle mode and A + left click
2015-09-11 : Refactoring, compacting, removing build, focus on the AI, make it more action oriented, added section "What to expect..."
2015-09-10 : Initial version

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