Super's Attack Speed Valla by Kwiky Mart

Super's Attack Speed Valla

By: Kwiky Mart
Last Updated: Jun 25, 2015
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Build: Super Valla

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Introduction Top

I am going to give a brief introduction, my name is Super, and I am a assassin main, with my main hero being obviously Valla. This is my first guide in any game so any tips would help out. Through looking at builds that were already made I mixed several so that I had an all around speedy valla who is made to duel. When I play quick match with my friends, I notice everyone builds Equinox's build and although it is very strong, I have never lost a 1v1 trade versus another valla. This build always puts me in the top of seige damage and hero damage if that matter to those of you who care about stats.

This build isn't for Everyone! Top

This build isn't for everyone, me I have a background in league of legends attack damage carry which means I love to auto attack, I have taken my skills from my previous game and put it in this game. Many new Moba players will not be comfortable playing this build since they are used to button mashing QWER. I encourage anyone to try this build but not many people will understand that this is mainly auto attacking and duelling although it is very useful for team fights given your team can back you up.

Talents Top

To start off chose this because of the attack speed bonus which gives you an edge over your opponents in one versus one opportunity as well as taking buildings and minions down faster. Keep in mind that attack speed can benefit you in team fights by letting you get more hits on a target, This talent corresponds with all your other talents very nicely later on.

This might be one of the most important talents since you are based off of attack speed and you will be focusing one target to try to bring them down whether you are in a team fight or 1v1. This talents also corresponds with all other talents such as to make the 3 shots occur quickly and overall do more damage to your target.

This is good for chasing low running opponents or running away after you already used your since you would have had to be attacking someone before running away. Thankfully you have to help you get stacks faster so you can run after or away from opponents or kite them backwards, meaning you hit them as you run so your stacks stay up while you do damage to them.

I chose this talent only because it has a stun, the stun can change the fight around if you land it. If you land it they can't do any damage to you and in that instant you should be able to kill them. Another reason I get it is because of the team compositions, if I see that the other team has stuns or a disrupt for I don't take the chance of getting interrupted and losing a powerful move in fighting situations.

If you want to stay alive in any situation you will want to take this talent. Since you will be at maximum discipline all the time from auto attacking (auto attack minions to keep stacks up if not near other players) you will need sustain to keep yourself alive if you don't have a support by your side. This is perfect for 1v1 situations because you will have fast attack speed and regaining health quickly as well as dishing out a lot of damage.

This talent is a situational talent. is a really good tool for keeping yourself alive while stealing a large portion of health from your opponent while is a really good tool to dish out a lot of damage when you or your allies stun one or more opponents. The reason I chose is because with this talent you don't have to depend on your team or yourself landing a stun or slowing a target, this is straight forward and is better for 1v1 situations. But if you rather instead that is fine because it is all preference for this talent.

This is really a really good talent because the attack speed bonus is really helpful and helps all previous talents occur faster and with the range, it keeps you in a safe distance from the opposing team so that you aren't super close range. People say to use because it can help you get in and out of situations where Valla already has her and with the movement speed from her previous talent, she wont have to take another escape talent. If one person chases you too far, you can turn on him if you have and 1v1 him easily.

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