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Support Rehgar

By: Spirit
Last Updated: Oct 22, 2014
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Full Support Rehgar Top

This full support Rehgar guide focuses on healing your carries and try to save your teammates from dying.

-Has a really good sustain in lane
-Able to constantly heal your carry
-Has really good mana regeneration when in Wolf form(Mounted)
-Can roam through all lanes and heal everyone.(Ambulance, Wee Woo Wee Woo)
-Really great CC

-No Damage
-Can be vulnerable being the focus in the fights.
-Very squishy in team fights.
-Very well be the focus in team fights

With full support Rehgar, what you really want to do is try and roam around and heal everyone. The longer your team stays in lane, the more they can push the lane. At level 4, you really need Feral Heart so you can have a huge sustain. With Feral Heart you have a really good mana regenerate. So you don't really have to recall for mana. All you need to do is stay in your wolf form. Whenever you aren't fighting or healing. You would want to stay in wolf form, and just constantly heal, and go back into wolf. So you can regenerate your mana back. In team fights, what you want to do is just try to keep everyone everyone alive, and keep your shields constantly on the carries or the front tanks. Your root and slow comes really handy when catching people out and in team fights. Try to put your Earthbind Totem in the middle of the team fights so you can slow everybody. If you constantly heal your teammates and slow the enemies, there is a better chance of winning the team fight.

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