Sushi Ninja Murky by Kaden

Sushi Ninja Murky

By: Kaden
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2015
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Build: Sushi Ninja Murky - Feel the Fish

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Intro Top

Hey guys ill make this guide look pretty later but wanted to put something up just quickly since there seem to be a lot of people battling with Murky atm.

He's a very tricky hero to play and i will elaborate further soon but for now check the build guide as well as the basic playstyle and rotation of skills.

Quick note - Blackhearts Bay and Haunted mines are not great for Murky since he cannot hide in bushes or sneak around the enemy easily. (Quick matches are random map so picking him makes it tricky since your not going to know which map you get)


Bubble Breeze - Grab for the speed you need this for quick closing distance or running like a small fish.

Tufferfish - Extra hit so its not killed quickly, this will help lane pushing and team fights later.

Compressed Air - Increase the radius to wtf (50% more) allows more structures to be hit or team fights to hit more targets, also if the fish is being killed in team fights you can throw to the sides since the radius is huge.

March of the Murlocs - Good huge aoe slow, they are also adorable dont you think?

Wrath of Cod - 35% damage against slimed targets

Slimy Pufferfish - Pufferfish casts slime on landing so works with the Wrath of Cod skill for more team fight damage.

Rewind - Da boss skill, will explain in next section. It resets basic abilities.

Setting it all up Top

So most game you want to play safely since the sustain was nerfed out of him. target the fish to kill as many creeps as possible and dont over commit to fights like a suicidal fish. Best is to when safe keep up pushing and attacking structures using Pufferfish

In team fights, and this is SUPER IMPORTANT you try to not be seen, hide in a bush or stay a distance away like a super cool Nova with no stealth and a small bread knife.
WHEN the fight has STARTED and everyone mashes themselves together in a small space, you can do this from the front but its best from behind them, sneak around or use Bubble Breeze to get behind them quickly.

Use your ultimate to slow them all then immediately cast Pufferfish then Rewind then Pufferfish

THEN Bubble Breeze and run like a little fish on a sushi board, after that you can poke your Pufferfish in and out (if they are not all dead) If they chase you excessively, run them to your team or into bad positioning.

Tips Top

1: If the Pufferfish is dying in team fights, cast each on on the sides of the fight, or in a bush, the radius increase should still allow you to hit them.

2: Be a ninja, you are really squishy so be elusive and watch out for other assassins (consider yourself an assassin role...with no stealth, be the hero everyone needs and never see's)

3: Bushes are your friends

4: Suicide is not an option anymore, see point 2 your role is ninja sushi assassin

5. You have such a nice mount animation, dont use the fat *** dinosaur is you can help it, its fat and ninja's are not fat.

Comments Top

If you have any comments or feedback, as to whether this worked out for you or was a terrible mess, please let me know in the comments below as i would like to try and see Murky be more viable as of the last patch.


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